Organize your Lead and manage your Campaign, segment  and track your marketing

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Engage customers with Email Marketing

Create targeted and personalized email.

Email Marketing

With Run Sensible you can send email; a promotion or a precisely targeted list or to one or more customers or prospects. A successful email marketing campaign will get the recipients to take action, engage with your business, and help you to get more leads and sales.

Email Templates

Email templates can be also be used to send Mass Emails to leads/contacts or send Email notifications to users upon triggering a workflow rule.
You can create an Email Template: Create an Email Template from the scratch. Choose a template from the predesigned list of templates.

Our CRM package comes with a range of customizable email templates. It is also easy to import your company’s documents, and set them as templates for everything from initial quotes to sales invoices.

Optimize Campaigns

Help you to create and execute profitable campaigns and monitor customer behavior with analytics, alerts and notifications

Campaigns Management

Campaign management is the planning, execution, tracking, and analysis of a marketing initiative; around a product, service launch or an event.

Got Campaign results while on the go

When the campaign is running or over, it’s time to measure its success. With graphical dashboard view and analytics decide sensible.

Smart Marketing

Segment your market, try email marketing and analyze your data with  business intelligence built right into Run Sensible

Segment your market

Segmentation is a common strategy used in marketing to break down a large target audience into smaller, more homogenous groups of customers. Segmentation helps you target, and most importantly, personalize your message to your leads and customers.

Segment your leads and identify valuable opportunities to target. Categorize your leads easily. Make it easy for your sales team to identify quality and responding leads. This helps them spend their time wisely by focusing on high quality leads.

Analyze data using Excel

With RunSensible exporting data is really simple. We offer a range of templates and built in reports which can be shared externally by email. Your raw data can also be exported and analyzed if necessary.

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Improve market productivity

Capture leads from your website, through web form, chatbots or live chat.

Web Forms

Our web to contact form feature helps you gather new leads. Without any coding knowledge you can set up web to contact forms in a matter of minutes.

Our web to contact feature is easy to use. You can effortlessly create appealing user forms without any coding knowledge. These in turn can be turned into an excellent source of potential new leads.

Our web to contact form feature helps you gather new leads. Without any coding knowledge you can set up web to contact forms in a matter of minutes.

In absolutely no time you’ll be creating custom web to lead forms. This makes it easy to capture new leads and removes the need for your people to manually input new customer details via this channel. This frees up valuable time.

Document library

Store your files and folder here. You can store, your Catalogue, brochure, photos, picture, customer data, excel in Document Library and share it with your customer or colleagues.