Send quote or invoice, manage Pipeline and custom views keep your sales force focused.

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Send Invoice or quote

You can immediately send your customer (client – Patient) a personalized quote or invoice detailing your services and costs.

Send  quote or invoice

Create invoices quickly and Get paid faster
Send your customized and professional invoice or quote and accept payment in a second.

Get More Deals

CRM done the sensible way.
Get to know your customers. Provide them with a tailored experience which will exceed their expectations.

Sales Pipeline Management

A sales pipeline is a visual representation of the sales process, divided into stages. It’s designed to help sales reps and teams manage the complex processes that drive deals to close.
RunSensible CRM’s sales pipelines are fully customizable, so once you define your sales process it shouldn’t take much time to start mirroring it in the CRM.
We understand that the art of sales is not a one size fits all approach. That’s why you can customize your sales pipeline by customer size, source, etc.

Contact Management

With Run Sensible CRM it becomes much easier to share customer information across your organization.

All customer data is held in an easy to access centralized location. This means that it’s easy for somebody from your sales team to access pertinent information, and insights, from every customer touchpoint. For example, a maintenance representative might spot an opportunity for new business whilst out in the field. They can add this insight to the customer record, and the next time the customer is contacted this can be used for a potential up, or cross-selling opportunity – essentially it helps your marketing and sales efforts

Get Pipeline Visibility

At Run Sensible we believe that our CRM is only as good as the insights it helps you discover. This is why we have spent a great deal of time developing our dashboard infrastructure and reporting capabilities. It’s easy and simple to generate sales pipeline reports, forecasts, and capture reasons for loss which can be improved in the future.
A visual Kanban representation of your sales pipeline helps you identify where to focus your attention.

Sales report

All your reports will be customizable and have filters which will allow you to focus on relevant and key information. Our built in reports make it easier to analyze your sales data.
Our reports will help you keep current on all the important aspects of your sales pipeline.
Our reports analyze your data and provide actionable insights. Our report creator ensures that you can always create dynamic custom reports to analyze the information you need.

Sales Dashboard

Use our Dashboards to make sure your CRM activities are successful. Our Dashboards offer reports which can be customized in many different ways. Our dashboard is customizable. It’s easy to add a favorite report to the dashboard which ensures the information you want is always current, and this makes it easy for you to monitor progress of various campaigns and initiatives.

Sales goal Tracking

As a manager you can also monitor activity by user. This will help you get the best out of your team encouraging those doing well, and identifying those that may need some help. Our reports will help you keep current on all the important aspects of your sales pipeline.

As a manager, an overview of their team allows you to offer targeted coaching and mentoring to your sales team.

Alerts & Notifications

Set reminder dates to ensure you follow up with your customer at the right time. This feature automatically generates key reminders inline with your Sales Pipeline

Improve Sales productivity

The sensible way to increase productivity, decrease sales cycles and become more profitable.

Email Integration

Connect your Exchange, Gmail, Outlook email address to Run Sensible to send as yourself.

Task Management

Our CRM solution offers all the admin and task management tools you need to seamlessly manage your CRM process. It’s really simple to use. The main features include:
1. Create teams and save time communicating with them using our @mention feature.
2. You can use email to assign a task to a specific person. It is also possible to email a task to an external person.
3. Our Task Management feature helps you track key KPI’s to help you make important decisions.
4. Our task management comes with built in activity types such as to do, meeting, and phone call. This feature is also completely customizable to your own unique needs.
5. Individual tasks can also be assigned to a specific customer record, company, or opportunity.