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Runsensible CRM Help Center

What is RunSensible CRM?

RunSensible CRM is a simple and easy to use CRM solution. It helps you manage your leads effectively in order to increase sales whilst ensuring that all your information is securely stored in one central location.

What are the main steps for importing data into RunSensible CRM?

In order to import data into RunSensible you must first go to the settings page. From here scroll to the Import and Export option.

Once you click on the import option you will be asked what type of data you want to import (e.g. person, lead, company, opportunity). Once you have made the correct selection you are then presented with an option to upload the file containing the data you wish to import. From here all you have to do is click Upload File button, navigate to where the file is stored and then click okay. Your data will then be imported.

How to export data from RunSensible CRM to a CSV file?

In order to export data from RunSensible you must first go to the settings page. From here scroll to the Import and Export option.

Click export data and then chose the location you want to export the CSV file and confirm the action.

I need help. How do I log in to the Help Center to ask a question?

In order to access the Help Center and ask a question you need to log into a separate RunSensible portal <insert web address of portal here>. From here it is easy to raise a ticket and ask your question. For more straightforward questions, you can use our live chat support.

How do I set up my account to send emails from within RunSensible CRM?
How do I change the email address associated with my account?

In order to change the email associated with your account you will have to log in to the “edit profile” section of RunSensible CRM. From there you just need to scroll to the menu section named “Change Email” and then follow the instructions.

How do I use a webform to capture leads or contacts?
How to I connect RunSensible CRM to Google/Microsoft/other apps?
What are Sales Pipelines?

RunSensible CRM makes it easy to create Sales Pipelines. Our Sales Pipelines offer a visual representation that identify exactly where each sales prospect is in the predefined process. Sales Pipelines can also be used by a manager or individual to see how close somebody is to making their target for the given sales period. Of course this approach can also be used to monitor an entire team as a single unit.

How do I add a task within RunSensible CRM?

We’ve made it easy to create and add tasks within the CRM. All you have to do is click on Tasks. This will open the Tasks sub menu. From here you can add relevant task details, share a task with other team members, add due dates, etc.

What is the best way to create and manage leads?

The best and fastest way to create a lead is from the leads section. Once you are here all you have to do is click the add new lead button.

You’ll then be presented with the following form which you should fill in with as much information as you have available. Don’t forget to save the new lead details by clicking the save icon before you exit the screen. The more information you can add the better, as it will help with future searches.

From here you can also add a tag. The tags feature helps you to manage your leads more efficiently. It allows you to group leads into different categories or custom tags for faster retrieval and management at a future date.

What are email templates?

Email templates allow you to send one message to multiple recipients. Email templates allow you to build email marketing campaigns and target your leads or contacts via a mass email.

How do I create a new email template?

In order to create an email template within RunSensible CRM you need to navigate to the settings page. From here you have to go to Setup > Customization > Email > Template (this hasn’t been defined yet so more than likely will have to edited). Then click on New Template and complete the form as required. This will generate the required email template. Be sure to save your template.

What are custom fields?

Custom fields are any fields not already present in RunSensible CRM. Our customers use custom fields to track extra details that they deem necessary for their business requirements. To create a new custom field, you have to navigate to the settings menu, and then proceed to the customize section. From here click custom field and then click add. Fill in the required details and your custom field will then be ready to use.

How to print individual records?

It’s easy to print an individual record. All you have to do is navigate to the record you want to print click the menu button in the top right corner and then chose print from the drop down menu.

What are RunSensible CRM tags?

RunSensible’s CRM has a built in tag feature. Tags are a great way of categorizing and prioritizing records so that you can retrieve them easily and with speed at a future date. For example, you can tag certain records as “Big City Deals” or “Sales Convention Leads from France”. The tagging categorization is up to you, and is a great way to manage and work with a collection of records all at once.

How to add a tag within RunSensible CRM?

There are two main ways to add a tag. The first way is to add it when you create a new record. In this case you simply fill in the tag before you save the New Contact details.

There will also be instances when you need to add a tag to an existing contact. In this case all you need to do is navigate to the record in question. Open it, and then add the tag in the Assigned Tags box. This record can then be retrieved at a later date using the tag search feature.

How to create a custom list view?

It’s easy to create a custom list view. All you have to do is position the required fields as required, and then pin them into position using the pin icon. The custom view will then be saved.

What is the Kanban view?

Kanban view is a visual management system. It is card based and depending on what section you are in, e.g. leads, opportunities, etc. it shows the relevant information split visually across the individual elements of the sales pipeline. To view it you must first click the Kanban view icon.

You will then be presented with the Kanban view of your records as shown below.

What are Dashboards?

Our CRM dashboard helps you to monitor your business performance and sales opportunities. A good dashboard provides real-time business intelligence which feeds part of our reporting module.

How to create a custom report?

RunSensible CRM has a wide array of standard reports that you can access from the main reporting menu.

In order to create a custom report you need to access the settings menu (#1) and then navigate to the Reports sub menu (#2).

From here you can define which fields and parameters you want to chose for your custom reports.

What are the default fields in RunSensible CRM?
How to customize visibility permissions on a record?
How to configure roles and manage users using the advanced permissions feature?

To configure roles using the advanced permission feature you will have to navigate to settings, and then security.

From the security settings section, you then need to click on Permissions. From here you will be able to define permissions for custom roles, or even edit permissions for predefined access roles.

It is also possible to manage your users from here. Using the list of all current users you can select individual user records and assign them specific role permissions.

What are the RunSensible CRM role permissions?

The RunSensible CRM role permissions are a built in security feature. We know that security and data access are a major concern for every organization – that’s why we created our role based access feature. This feature is fully customizable. You can grant users access to entire customer segments, or limit them to accessing only specific information using the role based permissions feature. This will ensure that only the right people within your organization can access the relevant information at the right time.

How do I replace the RunSensible logo with my own logo?

To add your own company logo to a report you will have to access and alter the report design. To do this navigate to settings. Click on Reports and then make the required changes such as uploading your company logo.

How do I add a new user?

Our User Management system makes it easy to add users. All you have to do is navigate to the Settings section. Once the System Settings menu is loaded you’ll need to click on User Management. Then you need to click add new user and fill in the appropriate fields as prompted.

How do I delete a user?

It’s easy to delete a user. All you have to do is navigate to the Settings section. Once the System Settings menu is loaded you’ll need to click on User Management. Then it’s as easy as identifying the user you want to delete and clicking the recycle button beside the relevant name.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my account?

You an upgrade or downgrade your account from the main user settings menu. If you have an active subscription and choose to downgrade your account, it will be downgraded immediately prior to the next billing cycle.

In cases where you want to upgrade your account, if you have an active subscription once you submit your request from the user setting menu our team will get in touch with you directly to complete the upgrade personally.

How do I cancel or delete my account?

In order to cancel, delete or close your account, you need to click into the “edit profile” section of RunSensible CRM. From here you need to scroll to the relevant account closure section and follow the instructions as prompted.

However, please be aware as per our terms of service if you have paid for a monthly or annual subscription no refund will be due, but as requested no further payments will be taken in the future.

How do I carry out a search in RunSensible CRM?

We have designed a really powerful search feature. We call it “search everything here”. You can type any search phrase into the “search everything here” search box, and within seconds it will search through all contacts, records, files, messages, projects, tasks, etc. and retrieve all results relevant to the search term.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password don’t worry. Instead follow the following steps – simply navigate to the account login page. Click on “Forgot your password?”.

You’ll then be brought to the password reset page. From here you need to fill in the email address associated with your account as well as the security code which will be displayed. A password reset email will then be sent to you and with just a few clicks you’ll be on your way to setting up a new password.

How do I convert a lead to an opportunity?

The fastest way to do this is to navigate to the lead in question. From here all you have to do is click the convert symbol.

In order to save time, we’ve made it easy to convert more than one lead at the same time. To do this all you need to do is click the records you want to convert and then click the convert symbol. You’ll be asked if you are sure you want to convert multiple leads. Click save (#1) to confirm or X (#2) to cancel. You can also use the Ctrl + S shortcut to confirm the conversion.

How secure will my data be?

We really care about your security. That’s why our cloud based storage services are based on the latest S3 Amazon technology. This is a secure state of the art solution with many features you will find beneficial.

  • Our cloud based storage has automated tools that monitor service performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We are sure this will provide you with peace of mind thanks to our secure power supply and backup generators.
  • We ensure that our servers have smoke and flood detection, as well as fire suppression systems.
  • The encryption we provide is state of the art. We do this to make sure that your data is protected and private.
  • The cloud based storage we provide is accessible from any internet connection. This way you can always safely access your data.
  • In addition to this we aim to provide uptime availability of 99.8% which ensures that your data is available whenever you need it.

As you can see we place a great emphasis on the security of your data and that’s why we have chosen the latest S3 Amazon technology. Whether it’s redundant servers, or self-correcting error detection modules, we want you to feel sure that your data is secure and available to you whenever you want.