19 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Contractors

19 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Contractors

The holidays are the busiest time of year for contractors. It’s a time to show off your work, add new clients and keep old ones happy. But with all of this going on, it can be difficult to find time to market your business as well as you’d like. That’s why we’ve gathered some simple ideas from top marketing experts that will help you make the most out of the holiday season!

The holidays are not just a time for family and friends, but a time for business as well. After all, December 25th is the biggest shopping day of the year! If you’re a contractor or construction company, this means that you’ll be hard at work trying to get clients into your office so that you can take advantage of all those extra sales opportunities—and it will be worth your while if you do. But how exactly do you go about marketing your brand during such an important and busy month? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to spread the holiday cheer (and generate leads) without breaking the bank or putting in too much extra work:

Hire for the Holidays

Hiring seasonal or part-time help is a great way to get new business while cutting back on expenses. Consider hiring a full-time person if you have the cash flow and resources to do so, but remember that you’ll need someone to fill in when they’re out sick or on vacation. Alternatively, consider hiring a temp for specialized projects—like making sure your office is decorated for the holidays!

Make Time to Market

It’s important to remember that marketing is not a one-time event. It’s an ongoing process that requires commitment and planning, and it must be treated as such if you want your business to grow.

Marketing is about building relationships with potential clients, which means that it involves more than just advertising or posting on social media. It also involves building trust and brand awareness by providing information about your company in every way possible: in person, through printed materials or online content like blogs or newsletters; through videos posted on YouTube; even by sending out handwritten thank you cards after meeting someone new at an industry event (yes! These still exist).

Send Sweet Treats


Send Holiday Cards

Holiday cards are the perfect way to say “thank you” to everyone who has helped you this year. If you’re a contractor, your clients have likely been a big part of your business success this year. Send them a holiday card and let them know how much they mean to you!

Send holiday cards to your vendors too. Your vendor relationships are an important part of running any business—they’re critical for getting work done on time and keeping costs under control. Make sure they know that their work is appreciated with a thoughtful note or card this season!

Don’t forget about the people in your own office either: send holiday greetings out to everyone at the office so that everyone feels appreciated for their hard work throughout the year (and not just during Christmas).

Market Big Sales Events

Give Gift Cards

Giving gift cards is an easy way to give back to your clients, customers, and even employees. Give a holiday gift card for the holidays by placing them in your marketing materials such as your holiday card or e-newsletter. You can also include them with your contractor’s referral program so that every time someone signs up for the program, they receive a free gift card. Gift cards are perfect for any occasion because everyone loves free money!

Host a Holiday Party

You’ve heard of networking events, but how about a holiday party? Hosting a holiday party is a great way to bring your team together and show appreciation for your clients. It also provides an opportunity for you to get to know them better and make yourself memorable in their minds.

If you want to turn the event into something more than just another networking event, consider these tips:

Be Generous With Your Time And Resources

Give back to the community. It’s not just about you, it’s about all of us. Be generous with your time and resources. Volunteer at a local organization, donate money or materials to charities that are important to you, or simply take time out of your busy schedule to help a friend or neighbor in need.

Create a Holiday Logo

It’s important to use your logo during the holiday season. It’s an opportunity to have a little fun with it and show customers that you’re invested in the holidays.

For example, you could create a special holiday-themed logo design that you can use on social media and printed marketing materials. Create something unique for each customer, employee or family member for whom you want to give a gift. For example:

Host a holiday themed contest

Hosting a holiday themed contest is a great way to get your customers involved and have some fun. You can be as creative and festive with this as you want, but here’s what we recommend:

Contests are always fun for both participants and sponsors because everyone has a chance at winning something great. Additionally, running contests creates opportunities for more people to learn about your company’s services through social media posts from contest winners promoting how professional contractors helped them win the contest!

Host a holiday open house

Hosting a holiday open house is one of the best ways to get your business noticed. This type of event is fun, it brings in new leads, and it can help you create long-lasting relationships with clients and potential customers.

To host a successful holiday open house:

Share your favorite holiday traditions with your clients on social media

Send out a holiday newsletter to your best customers

Design and sell holiday merchandise with your logo

If you are a contractor or construction company, one of the best ways to increase your brand recognition is to sell holiday merchandise. This can be anything from stickers to t-shirts, as long as it has your logo on it.

When selling holiday merchandise, make sure that the quality of the product is high and that it’s useful. For example, if you create doormats with your logo on them, make sure they’re durable and will last for years without needing any maintenance or cleaning.

Another thing to keep in mind when selling holiday items with your brand name on them is affordability. Customers want affordable products they can buy easily while also being unique enough so that other people won’t have something exactly like theirs at home already!

Donate money or time to a local charity or foundation over the holidays

Donating money is a great way to give back to the community, and it’s an excellent way for your business to get involved in local events and help others out. However, donating time—whether you are working with or volunteering for a charity—is also important. Simply spending an afternoon working on a community project shows that you care about what’s happening around you and that it matters to you.

Donating both money and time allows you to have an even greater impact than if you were only donating one or the other. When people see how much effort goes into helping others, they’ll be more likely to come back when they need something done themselves because they know they’re getting quality workmanship from someone who cares about helping others succeed.

Sponsor a toy drive or food drive

You can also be a good corporate citizen by sponsoring a toy drive or food drive. When you donate toys and food to needy children, it is an excellent way for your company to give back to local communities. Another option is to donate time or money directly to the charity of your choice, whether that be a foundation or nonprofit organization.

For instance, if you want to get involved in your community’s annual holiday parade and festival as well as its Fourth of July celebration, consider donating funds towards these events instead of just buying tickets yourself.

Offer free estimates during the holidays

Offer 10% off coupons with every estimate given before Christmas day.

You can offer a 10% discount on the estimate if it is given before Christmas day. This can be a great way to get more business and boost sales during this time of year. The best part about this idea is that you don’t need to do any extra work for it, but it still gives your customers something extra for their money.

You just need to consider whether or not you have enough time to give out estimates before Christmas arrives. If so, then this could be a great way to attract more business while helping out your bottom line at the same time!

Create discount cards for loyal customers to hand out to friends and family. Limit one per family member, and one per friend.

Create discount cards for loyal customers to hand out to friends and family. Limit one per family member, and one per friend.

You can have your contractors create discount cards with a specific value—say, 20% off their next project—and distribute them at your holiday party. Alternatively, you could make it so that they’ll receive savings on future projects by giving out their own discount cards this year. If you want them to promote the card on social media, then there’s an added incentive for them! Just be sure that these customers are not paying cash for services; otherwise, it will defeat the purpose of having a coupon in the first place!


Apply these marketing ideas and watch your business grow!

These marketing ideas will help you grow your business, no matter what the season.



With all of the holiday marketing ideas we’ve shared here, your business should be in good shape. We know that running a business can be tricky, but with these tips, you’ll be able to get through it with flying colors.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you to get your holiday marketing in order and make it a bit more fun. We know that the holidays can be stressful, so we wanted to give you some ideas that will help create positive vibes around your business and make it easier for people who are looking for contractors during this time of year. If you keep these tips in mind when planning your marketing strategy, then hopefully, all your customers will have a great experience working with you or buying from your company!

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