Organize all your clients
and cases in one easy-to-use tool

Our case management software allows for the organization of cases, tracking of time, management of documents, scheduling, and billing, all from any location.

Organize all your clients and cases in one easy-to-use tool
Get more leads

Get more leads

Build relationships! Get web traffic funnelled into high-quality leads for your business. You may then tag those leads, sort them into segments and send them emails.

Convert Leads Into Clients

Convert leads into clients

The whole idea is to turn leads into happy clients. With RunSensible tools and automated workflow, you have every chance of achieving just that!

Time Matters

Time matters

Save ample time with RunSensible for creativity and growing your business. Your efficiency will multiply by letting RunSensible organize your daily business with no extra effort!

What you'll find in RunSensible

What you’ll find in RunSensible

Our top-rated case management software offers a centralized dashboard for a comprehensive view of all your case information. All clients, contacts, documents, calendar events, notes, time entries, and bills are easily linked to the relevant case for streamlined law practice management. Access your cases from any device and optimize your workflow by reducing time spent on tedious tasks, allowing you to focus on the important aspects of your law practice.

Keep track of everything!

Use internal notes to create reminders and share information about your cases and clients to your team. We can also share updates on progress for cases and any other information you choose with your clients.

Easily track orders, billing, and client case progress

Send a quote/invoice, get paid and easily track down late invoices or overdue payments. Workflow management allows you to keep track and record all information related to each case or client, providing a central source of information and giving you a clear understanding of your current status.

From anywhere, anytime

Access all of your legal case documents, bills, client information, and more from any internet-enabled device by logging into your online legal case management software tools. Alternatively, you can also download our mobile app for convenient access on the go.

Access all of your legal case documents, bills, client information from anywhere

Get more done with these features

Contracts Contracts

Create a contract even with the help of Ai and share it seamlessly with your customers to be signed via portal, email, etc.

Intake forms Intake forms

Create and share Intake forms to reach a better understanding of your client’s needs and preferences.

Documents Documents

All client & case information, including notes and documents, are stored in one place.

Tasks Tasks

Divide any tasks associated with your cases or clients into simple, manageable projects and assign them to the relevant team member(s).

Smart Calendar Smart Calendar

Scheduling never made easier, you can create an appointment link so that your clients can choose an available time you have set up to meet.

Daily Log Daily Log

Track your time and any client interactions under the log feature to keep up on each and every case.

Emails Emails

Set up how scheduled and triggered emails are automatically sent out to your clients at the right time.

Reports Reports

Easy-to-understand reports are automatically generated based on your real-time performance.

You can assign tasks to anyone on your team and provide them with a checklist of to-dos, task timelines, and completion dates so that your team can work together efficiently and effectively.