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Client Intake Software’s Role in Client Satisfaction

Client Intake Software’s Role in Client Satisfaction


Having a client-facing application can ultimately improve your entire business. If you’re not using one, let me explain why it’s important for your law firm by giving an overview of the benefits of Client Intake Software in the legal industry.

Client Intake Automation

Client intake automation is the process of using software to automate the client intake process. This can be done in a number of ways, from creating an Online Form that clients complete before they even speak with you over the phone, to having them fill out all their information before they even come into your office for an appointment.

Automated client intake can reduce your administrative workload and give you more time for what matters most: helping clients solve their problems! You’ll also improve client experience and satisfaction because they won’t have to spend so much time filling out forms or waiting around while someone else does it for them. If clients are happy with how easy it was for them to start working with you, they’re more likely to stay customers long-term, which means increased revenue from sales opportunities later on.

Improve Client Experience and Satisfaction

Client intake software offers a number of benefits to your organization, including:

Increase Productivity

With client intake software, you can spend less time on manual data entry and more time on higher-value tasks. This will help increase productivity for your law firm and make it easier for lawyers to focus on what matters most: serving their clients.

Better Data Collection

The first step in improving your client experience is identifying areas where it could be improved. By collecting information about how clients interact with your company, you’ll be able to see where there is room for improvement and then make those improvements! The data you collect with client intake software will help you identify areas where clients are experiencing problems or dissatisfaction. You’ll be able to use this information to improve your customer service and create a better experience for every new client. Client intake software helps you collect the data you need to improve your client experience and satisfaction.

Client Experience With a CRM for Law Firms

Client intake automation is an essential component of Client Relationship Management Software. It helps improve client experience and satisfaction, increase productivity, and collect better data.

A good CRM for law firms should allow you to:

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We hope that you’ve found this article helpful. If you’re looking for a CRM for your firm, then you’re in the right place. Our software, Runsensible, can help automate client intake and improve productivity by organizing your data in an easy-to-use interface. Here’s a 14-day Free Trial. Go ahead and try it, this one is on us!


1. How does client intake software help with data collection?
Every time a new potential fills out a form or speaks with one of your firm’s representatives, the software will record any relevant information that might be useful later on, this can all be done automatically.

2. Can client intake software keep track of emails as well?
A CRM solution such as Runsensible can not only keep track of the information exchange, but it also allows you to monitor the level of clients’ interaction with the emails that you have sent them. (e.g. opening the email, ignoring, etc.)

3. How can client intake software improve client experience and satisfaction by automating the staff’s workload?
Simply put, by taking off the unnecessary workload on the staff and leaving the repetitive tasks to an automated system, your staff will be able to devote all of their attention to more important tasks which will improve the service you offer to your clients and therefore increase their satisfaction.

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