When considering the most important people involved in your business, you may say your employees. They are extremely important, but it is your customers who keep your business alive and make it grow.

But why do many sales staff view customers as a heavy burden on their shoulders? How is it possible that a business claims to care for its customers – but leaves them waiting for over five minutes to answer their telephone call?

These business leaders must give priority to customer experience and execute innovative working methods for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Many company owners emphasize the importance of customers but often their decisions are not in harmony with their words.

What solutions do you have to strengthen professional and customer-friendly behavior in your staff?

  1. Do Not Waste Your Customer’s Time in Telephone Conversation

Your customers really have no interest in making telephone contact with you unless they have a problem. These problems may be related to resolving technical issues related to your product or services; the only thing that your customers want is that their issues are addressed in the most efficient and fastest way possible.

It is your duty to guarantee that your sales or support team has adequate training, is sympathetic to customers and has the necessary tools at its disposal to address their problems. The team leaders should also have the authority to make quick decisions in unusual circumstances. In short, time should not be wasted when resolving a customer’s problem.

Run Sensible CRM maintains the entire contact history involving customers in an integrated manner, from the very first moment, and it is possible to search quickly and access this information. Thus, in every telephone contact, your sales or support team can efficiently access the information they require and can respond to customer queries in a timely fashion. Likewise, pneumatic CRM can be used to register customer support requests, allocate team members to the tasks, and follow them up. On the other hand, your customers can use the customer portal to register their support requests themselves.

  1. Do not assume that your customers are forever

It is a fact that customers may not remain customers forever, so it is particularly important that you understand your customers and their requirements. No one asks customers if they have a problem, or what can be done better, and so on.

A leader’s behavior should be the role model for employees to follow in customer-friendliness, resulting in a high volume of feedback that guarantees customer loyalty.

Run Sensible CRM also assists in scheduling time for customer feedback. Details of tasks and meetings should be recorded, including reminder notifications within appropriate timelines.

  1. Educate your employees about the consequences of poor customer experience

Anyone who has managed support has experienced at least one negative situation with a customer. This is part of a support job description! It is natural that support officials discuss these bad experiences among themselves and this can gradually develop their behavior.

As a first step, the manager should change attitudes and reduce the negative atmosphere. Persons in charge should understand that such behavior should be modified with appropriate, professional behavior.

Run Sensible CRM assists in staff supervision, details of relations between the sales and support team with the customers, and support decision-making to prevent the effects of negative behavior on customer relations.

  1. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes

Imagine that you are the customer. You pass all stages from purchase to contact with the support, and then consider if you are happy with this experience? Is there something that you want to change?

Rest assured, there is always an issue that needs improvement. As a leader, always be inquisitive and ask the question: How is the process this completed? Can it be improved? Why do we do like this, and so on? Value the answers to these questions; they will create continuous change and improvement in customer experience.

Run Sensible CRM helps you to have partial and complete reports on your customers at your disposal. You can supervise the process of the fallout of your customers, identify dissatisfied customers, and, by reviewing individual cases, focus on cases that can be improved.

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