Bankruptcy Law Software

As a bankruptcy lawyer, you hold the key to helping your clients transition through a significant and intricate period. To ensure you stay on top of everything, count on RunSensible’s comprehensive solution to streamline your workflows and optimize your productivity.

Bankruptcy Law Software

It is crucial to keep track of every single detail, deadline, and document when managing complex legal cases

The intricacies of bankruptcy law can be overwhelming, but with RunSensible, you can stay on top of every aspect of your case. From generating crucial documents to monitoring deadlines, RunSensible streamlines the process and helps you stay focused.

Efficiently track all related contacts

Enhance your professional relationships and optimize your work performance by ensuring that you have comprehensive knowledge of all parties involved in your work, including judges, creditors, co-debtors, and trustees, through the addition of relevant contacts to every case.

Stay up to date with specific client details

Create custom fields for bankruptcy clients’ Social Security numbers, incomes, assets and much more to ensure this sensitive information is captured accurately and securely.

Optimize your workflow by reducing time spent on document management

Streamline your workflow by implementing document automation to handle routine document management tasks. This will allow you to dedicate more time to billable work rather than spending hours drafting standard forms and motions.

Enhance document collaboration by streamlining the process for all team members

Elevate your legal document-sharing game with RunSensible’s advanced features. With RunSensible for Clients and RunSensible for Co-Counsel, our highly secure online portals, you can seamlessly share legal documents with your clients and co-counsel. Moreover, you can customize access permissions to ensure only authorized individuals can access specific information. Here are three examples of how RunSensible’s document-sharing features can streamline your legal practice.

Create a seamless experience for both you and your clients by working in a way that works for you both

Keep yourself connected with your office and clients effortlessly, whether in court or on the go.

Everything at your fingertips right from your phone

Stay connected to your cases, files, and contacts wherever you are with RunSensible’s mobile app, which lets you access everything you need with just a few taps on your phone or tablet, whether you’re in court or on the go.

Keep your clients up-to-date on important information

It is important to comply with trust accounting regulations when accepting upfront retainer pre-payments. We recommend depositing these funds into a trust account utilizing STRIPE payments (and transferring them into operating accounts in accordance with guidelines.

Keep everything in order

Ensure your case resolution processes remain organized with RunSensible’s cutting-edge task management software. With the ability to categorize tasks by status and owner, you can effortlessly oversee upcoming, overdue, and completed tasks based on the user, task type, client, and matter.

Boost your collection rate

Optimize the collection process for a seamless experience with the implementation of RunSensible’s state-of-the-art bankruptcy law software.

Give your clients a clear understanding of the expenses involved

Tailor billing plans to suit your needs. Invoice your customers using hourly rates, fixed charges, or contingency arrangements.

Seamlessly accept trust deposits

When accepting upfront retainer pre-payments, it’s crucial to follow trust accounting regulations. We suggest placing these funds in a trust account through STRIPE payments and then transferring them to operating accounts in adherence to guidelines.

Set up recurring payment plans

Enable recurring payments tailored to your clients’ financial capabilities, or effortlessly replenish trust accounts through automated top-ups. Boost your cash flow with convenient payment plans that can be easily set and left to run.