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Legal Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Strengthen your bonds with existing and prospective clients by implementing streamlined and well-organized processes. With cutting-edge legal CRM software, you can rest assured that no client, communication, or growth opportunity will go unnoticed.


Adhere to industry regulations while overseeing your trust accounting

By using our legal accounting software, effectively manage client funds stored in trust accounts. Keep clear records that separate the client funds from the operating funds of your firm.

Get an instant overview of each client’s status with a single glance

RunSensible offers multiple reconciliation alternatives, allowing you to handle your trust accounting from the same platform you bill and receive payments. Simply align trust transactions with your bank statement from the Accounts section.

Enhance your contact organization with custom tags

With our legal CRM software, you can efficiently tag and categorize potential clients, existing clients, and professional contacts, enabling you to swiftly locate the information you require, precisely when you need it.

Reduce the number of missed consultations

Make scheduling appointments effortless and automate the sending of reminders to clients.

Utilize online payments: Expedite payment collection, streamline your schedule, and deliver superior customer service.

Boost your cash flow with hassle free payment options

With RunSensible’ payment processing solution, you can offer your clients multiple payment channels for paying their bills or trust requests online, resulting in faster payment turnaround times. Your clients can choose to pay via your website, client portal, SMS, and other user-friendly methods.

Eliminate the burden of unforeseen legal bills

Grant your clients peace of mind with automated payment plans that provide flexibility and convenience. Divide payments into manageable portions and set up a payment schedule that meets your client’s requirements while optimizing your firm’s financial well-being.

Save time by managing billing payments in a single step

With our fully-integrated collections system, you can easily manage online payments while automatically associating them with client bills and syncing them to your accounting software. This means fewer errors and more time to focus on your business.

Stand out from the crowd by providing exceptional client experiences

Unlock the potential of legal CRM software to turn every potential client into a valuable referral, a favorable review, and a catalyst for more business for your law firm.

  • Never let a client follow-up fall off your radar

    Take your client communication to the next level with our legal CRM software, which automatically creates tasks and reminders that ensure you never miss a beat during the client intake journey.

  • Deliver unparalleled client engagement

    Revolutionize your client management with an intuitive CRM workflow featuring custom online intake forms, real-time document creation, and hassle-free e-signatures.

  • Launch automated email campaigns

    Build individualized email campaigns comprising of several steps to actively involve and retain your new and prospective clients throughout the client onboarding process.

Legal Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software FAQs

Legal Client Relationship Management (CRM) software is a specialized tool that helps law firms efficiently manage and improve client relationships. The software offers a range of features, such as:

– Collecting intake information through intake forms
– Centralized contact management
– Communication tracking
– Case management
– Scheduling appointments
– Assigning and managing tasks to team members and tracking deadlines
– Centralizing client communications via email and text
– Streamlining workflows

Legal CRM software assists in scheduling tasks and managing deadlines and may provide a secure client portal for communication and progress tracking. Moreover, with the help of analytics tools, it is possible to measure client satisfaction. Integration capabilities with other legal tools also contribute to overall operational efficiency, thus supporting the success and growth of legal practices.

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