Professional Invoicing Software For Your Law Firm

Create customized invoices. Accept all major credit/debit cards and bank transfers while providing a seamless client experience

Professional Invoicing Software For Your Law Firm

Get invoices processed, and get paid faster!

with 3 simple steps:

Generate invoices in a breeze

Easily issue an invoice or a quote to your, and send it directly to their email addresses! Any quote created for a client can be easily converted into an invoice with only one click.

Email invoices or share them through our portal

Email your invoices or quotes directly to your clients. Your client then can view them either online or download them as PDF file and they can continue with the payment process without any complications.

Get Instant Notifications and Secure Payments

Get real-time notifications when clients view or pay invoices. Multiple secure payment gateways allow easy payment via credit card, bank transfer, or digital wallets for a fast payment process.

Get more done with all of our features

Get more done with all of our features

Keep track of your money!

Create and track invoices then check which have been viewed, paid, or are past due.

Taxes, Concessions

Easily apply taxes, adjustments, or concessions.

Customize Invoice and Quote Templates

Effortlessly generate invoice and quote templates that fulfill your needs.

Get paid automatically

Our smart invoicing software lets clients select the payment link on your invoices and effortlessly make a direct payment online.

RunSensible, Streamline Your Billing Process with Our Innovative Legal Software Solution

Provide your clients with a seamless billing process that’s simple for them and efficient for you. Our legal billing software features effortless time tracking, expense tracking, LEDES billing, alternative payment options, credit card processing and more.

Check out all of our billing features

One click bill generation – that’s all it takes! Forget about spending countless hours on time and expense tracking,
speed up your bill review process, and share client invoices with ease!

Effortlessly bill from anywhere 24/7

Generate and validate bills while on-the-move, automatically add interest on overdue payments, and transmit bills electronically through our safe and secure RunSensible portal. The faster your bills are sent out the faster the payment arrives into your account.

Spend less time billing

Automate your payment process to make it easier to collect overdue balances and manage trust accounts through reoccurring credit card payments. This will shorten the collection period and increase cash flow.

Check out all of our billing features
Accelerate your payment process

Accelerate your payment process

Enhance your payment process with RunSensible’s credit card processing capability. Collect payments with ease through secure click-to-pay links, QR codes, Pay Now buttons on bills, payment plans, stored payment information from intake, or over the phone. Seamlessly sync transactions to both RunSensible and external accounting systems.

Handle multiple bill payments at once

The ability for clients to pay their entire legal bill balance through a single online credit card payment is now available. RunSensible will promptly apply the funds to all unpaid invoices.

Flexible legal invoicing software

Tailor RunSensible’s legal billing software to meet the demands of your law firm and clients.

Design top-notch, legible legal invoices displaying your law firm’s emblem. Boost transparency by adding consolidated activity summaries and in-depth account reports.

Charge clients either hourly or through alternate billing methods such as flat fee or contingency. Ensure the collection of fees and the replenishment of trust accounts are effortless through recurring credit card payments.

Generate tailored payment profiles within RunSensible, encompassing grace periods, prompt payment discounts, and individually customized interest rates. Assign the profiles to selected contacts.

Implement either a percentage based or a set dollar discount for the entire bill, use credit vouchers, or transform time entries to no-charge. Easily write off full or partial bill amounts when needed

Flexible legal invoicing software
Acquire precise law firm billing records

Acquire precise law firm billing records

Produce legal billing statements, financial updates on your firms finances, perspectives on accounts payable and receivable, and additional details.

Monitor the status of all your outstanding bills in a single tab, and instantly remind clients to pay their invoices with just one click.

By using RunSensible’s Statement of Accounts, the client’s legal billing history and open balances can be shared with the client. Reports can be filtered by client, attorney, date, and the type of account, either operating or trust accounts.

Develop precise legal billing reports to enhance firm financial organization. Monitor overdue payments, case balances, client billing records, and additional information