RunSensible Features

Experience effortless law firm management with RunSensible: Your All-in-one Solution

RunSensible’s legal practice management features streamline your firm’s operations, making them easier, faster, and more efficient. RunSensible platform includes client intake, matter management, CRM, time tracking, document management, billing and invoicing, online payments, calendar management, and more. With all these powerful tools in one place, RunSensible empowers you to focus on your clients, enhance productivity, and elevate your firm’s success.

RunSensible Features

Client Intake Management

Client Intake Forms

Client intake forms with RunSensible simplify your process. Easily share online forms, capture client info automatically, and manage everything digitally for a seamless and efficient intake experience.

Document Automation & E-Signature

RunSensible simplifies document automation and e-signatures. Create, customize, and share documents for quick e-signatures. Save time with automated drafting, centralized management, and cloud-based storage.

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

RunSensible’s CRM software improves client management through custom tags, automated follow-ups, and real-time document creation. Enhance client engagement, streamline scheduling, and expedite payments effortlessly.

Case Management

Calendaring & Appointment Management

RunSensible’s legal calendar ensures seamless coordination. Automate reminders, track deadlines, and manage appointments with ease. Sync with Google Calendar, reduce no-shows, and stay organized on the go.

Legal Case Management

RunSensible’s cloud-based case management software simplifies your legal practice by enabling you to manage cases, documents, billing, and scheduling from any device. You can automate tasks, integrate apps and enhance client communication.

Workflow & Email Automation

RunSensible automates your legal workflow and emails, client intake, task management, communication with templates, checklists, and integrations for improved efficiency and effortless organization.

Legal Document Management

RunSensible’s legal document management software provides unlimited storage, effortless access, and efficient organization. Securely edit and store files from anywhere, automate e-signatures, and simplify document searches.

Task Management

RunSensible’s task management software streamlines legal tasks. It allows you to set deadlines, prioritize, reschedule, and re-assign tasks, track progress, automate recurring tasks, and enhance productivity from anywhere.

Billing & Payments

Time & Expense Tracking

RunSensible’s legal time and expense tracking software helps you accurately track log time and expenses from anywhere. Track activities, emails, and tasks, generate detailed reports, and streamline billing to boost efficiency and profits.


RunSensible’s invoicing software simplifies billing for law firms. Create custom invoices, accept payments, and track finances. Automate billing, send invoices electronically, and get paid faster with secure payment options.


RunSensible’s legal accounting software streamlines billing, bookkeeping, compliance with customized charts of accounts, efficient expense tracking, automated time entries, and detailed financial reports for better decision-making.

Trust Accounting

RunSensible simplifies trust accounting. Log transactions per regulations, separate client funds, reconcile accounts, and generate compliance reports. Integrate with QuickBooks for efficient, streamlined financial management.

Online Payements

RunSensible’s legal payments software speeds up payment processing. Clients can make online payments anytime via the website or portal. Easily manage billing, set up automated payment plans, and ensure PCI compliance. Enjoy transparent pricing and effortlessly boost cash flow.

Client Communications

Phone System

Revolutionize your legal practice’s communication with RunSensible’s phone system. Benefit from crystal-clear calls, unified communication, AI-powered note-taking, and seamless integration across all devices.

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