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Law Firm Accounting Software

Empower your law firm with comprehensive accounting software tailored specifically for law firms

Consolidate your law firm’s accounting and bookkeeping needs with RunSensible’s cloud-based legal accounting software. Our all-in-one solution includes lawyer billing and general bookkeeping, simplifying your workflow and ensuring compliance checks are in place. With RunSensible, you can integrate accounting firm practice management software for an unmatched solution.

Law Firm Accounting Software

Transform your legal billing and accounting process with ease and confidence, while staying on top of industry regulations.

Revolutionized Law Firm Accounting with All-In-One Solutions

Experience seamless legal financial management for your law firm with RunSensible legal practice management software. RunSensible software provides a comprehensive suite of features, including powerful bookkeeping capabilities, that will take your firm to new heights of success.

Tailored Chart of Accounts for Precise Financial Management

Organize transactions with RunSensible customizable chart of accounts for accurate and transparent accounting processes, including client retainers and case expenses.

Streamline Sales, Tax Services, and Invoicing

Simplify your sales and tax management with RunSensible integrated software. Generate professional invoices, track billable hours effortlessly, and easily manage taxes. RunSensible software ensures regulatory compliance while maximizing revenue potential.

Maximize Firm’s Savings with Efficient Expense Tracking and Bookkeeping

Gain insights into your firm’s expenses with RunSensible advanced software. Track spending, identify cost-saving opportunities, and make informed financial decisions to drive growth.

Effortless Timesheet-Based Charges for Transparent Billing

RunSensible intuitive timesheet feature enables accurate billing, ensuring transparent invoicing and improved client relationships. Say goodbye to manual time tracking and hello to streamlined revenue generation.

Obtain Valuable Insights through Comprehensive Financial Reports

Gain valuable financial insights with RunSensible robust reporting features. From balance sheets to trust fund reports, RunSensible software empowers you to make data-driven decisions that drive success for your firm.

Lawyer-Friendly Cloud-Based Legal Accounting Software Solutions

Our comprehensive law firm accounting software offers a streamlined and automatic solution for financial management within your legal practice. It simplifies the complex process of managing your firm’s finances by ensuring that every entry from practice management and billing is accurately reflected in your general ledger. With features like customizable, legal-specific charts of accounts and precise automation for both direct and indirect matter-related costs, it provides a solid financial foundation for your firm. Invoice payments are effortlessly allocated to appropriate accounts, while write-offs and payables are meticulously tracked. The system is equipped with sophisticated revenue-sharing calculations, ensuring fair and accurate distribution. Additionally, it offers electronic bank statement imports, automatic bank feeds, check printing, and thorough bank reconciliations. To top it off, the software comes with a comprehensive suite of reports that furnish you with deep insights into your firm’s financial health, enabling informed decision-making and strategic financial planning.

Trust Accounting

Optimize Client Funds Management with RunSensible Trust Accounting

Safeguard client funds and maintain impeccable compliance with RunSensible’s specialized trust accounting features. Designed for the legal industry, our system ensures precise handling of trust accounts, from detailed transaction tracking to robust reporting. Streamline your financial oversight and enhance trust with clients through transparent and accurate financial management. Elevate your law firm’s trust accounting practices with RunSensible and uphold the highest standards of fiduciary responsibility.

Legal Accounting software FAQs

Legal accounting involves managing financial transactions, bookkeeping, adhering to regulatory guidelines, and reporting within the legal industry. One efficient solution to streamline these processes is by using RunSensible Law Firm Practice Management software. This comprehensive platform not only helps law firms manage their day-to-day operations but also offers powerful accounting features tailored specifically for legal practices. With RunSensible, law firms can easily track billable hours, handle client funds while complying with regulations, maintain trust accounts, and generate accurate financial reports. By integrating practice management and accounting functionalities, RunSensible provides a seamless solution for law firms to efficiently manage their accounting needs while focusing on delivering exceptional legal services.

Law firm bookkeeping involves maintaining detailed financial records for the firm and its clients. This includes creating and updating a comprehensive general ledger for each client and accurately documenting transactions, service fees, and disbursements. Accurate bookkeeping is crucial for law firms to manage their finances effectively, make informed decisions, and provide clients with trustworthy financial information.

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