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Legal Document Management Software

Work securely and efficiently from anywhere with our legal document management software, and benefit from the flexibility of unlimited document storage. Forget about being chained to your office desk; our workflow document management software gives you the freedom to work from anywhere. Plus, with unlimited storage, you’ll never have to worry about where to put all those pesky documents again!

Legal Document Management Software

This is what you’ll get with Runsensible’s Legal Manager

With Runsensible, you’ll be able to edit and store your PDFs, Word documents, and everything in between with ease – so much so, you’ll be wondering how you managed without it. We make sure to backup your files and data every day in three separate locations.

You can store an unprecedented amount of data, the likes you have never seen!

With our legal document management software, storage is not a problem, it’s a solution. You can hoard as many documents, invoices, images, videos and audio recordings as your heart desires, and our system will still have room to spare. Plus, you can upload and download caseloads with ease.

We know your time is valuable so don’t waste it looking for files

Searching for documents will be a breeze with our state-of-the-art search function Whether you’re searching by title, text, or metadata, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for. And with the ability to filter and sort by categories, dates, authors, and file types, you’ll be able to organize your documents like a boss. Plus, you can even preview all your files right from your desktop without ever having to leave your chair, talk about convenience!

Need you documents signed electronically?

With Runsensible, sending out those pesky e-signature documents is a breeze! And the best part? You don’t even have to lift a finger to save them to the right case, just sit back, relax and let Runsensible do the heavy lifting (figuratively speaking of course) and you’ll be notified as soon as they are signed.

Gone are the days of being chained to your office, our legal document management software allows you to access your files from anywhere.

Easily access and edit legal documents on your mobile device or computer at any moment, including adding comments and making revisions. Spend less time organizing paperwork and more time focusing on your legal case. Pull up any legal document on your mobile phone or laptop at any time to redline, annotate, and more. Spend less time preparing stacks of documents—and more time preparing your case.

Intuitive file management from your desktop

Effortlessly manage your files from your desktop with an intuitive interface.

Tired of constantly transferring files between your desktop and your management software? Well, put down the USB drive and step away from the email attachment. Our virtual drive experience allows you to create, access, and share all your matter-related files directly from your desktop and securely sync them to Runsensible. It’s like a secret portal to your legal documents but without the need for a flux capacitor.
Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually opening files with Runsensible! With just a click, you can launch files from your web app into programs like Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, and more. Plus, any changes you make will be automatically saved to both your desktop and the cloud.
With Runsensible, you can scan those documents and send them straight to their designated file faster than you can say, “Where did I put that invoice?”
Sure, we can add all the reviews in the world, but what matters most is your approval.
And that’s why Runsensible offers a hassle-free trial because a review is only as meaningful as the fictional character who wrote it.

Drafting Documents is a mundane Task, Allow Runsensible to remove those worries

With our super smart AI, we’ll whip up those documents faster than you can say ‘where did I put that paper clip’, leaving you free to focus on the really important stuff – like deciding what to have for lunch.

Tired of that repetitive work?

Say goodbye to carpal tunnel from repetitive typing! With our easy to use data entry system, you can populate multiple documents with just one click. No more staring at a screen for hours on end, trying to make sure everything matches up. Use our amazing conditional logic to update pronouns, fix subject-verb agreements, and edit clauses without breaking a sweat.

Templates right at your fingertips

With RunSensible, you can cut down your regular legal drafting by 80%. The platform allows you to automatically fill out court forms and transform your current Word files into templates that can be used repeatedly online.

Be able to sync data directly from RunSensilble

RunSensible users can whip up court forms like a boss with pre-filled data. No more fumbling around with forms, just seamless access and zero risk of error. Users of RunSensible can easily generate court forms using pre-populated data from Manage. This enables them to access the solution smoothly and reduces the possibility of errors in completing forms.

Have your frequently used documents ready in a matter of seconds

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for your commonly used projects. With our pre-save feature, you can save them like a pro and let our auto-fill function take care of the rest. By automatically filling in client and matter information, you’ll be able to complete projects faster than you can say “Objection, your honour!” Save sets of frequently used projects and enjoy faster project completion times with our auto-fill feature.

Legal document management software FAQs

Legal document management involves the creation, filing, organization, and signing of legal documents like contracts, invoices, letters, and more. This practice helps keep law firms organized and efficient while ensuring that sensitive information is secure and confidential.

Legal professionals have different preferences when it comes to managing and organizing legal documents. However, the best practices in the legal field recommend using cloud storage because it offers better security, customizable and reusable templates, and eSignature capabilities.

Using document management software that provides a personalized platform for storing, organizing, and retrieving documents can help law firms operate more efficiently. This technology simplifies workflows and improves overall efficiency and convenience for legal professionals. With document management software, legal professionals can quickly access documents without wasting time searching for physical copies in filing cabinets. In addition, legal document management software enhances confidentiality by preventing unauthorized digital access.

Experience the simplicity of managing your documents with RunSensible. Take advantage of a free trial now

RunSensible provides cutting-edge security measures to protect your crucial case documents. Our document management software features encryption to prevent data loss and safeguard sensitive information. The system lets you control access to the documents, deciding who can retrieve them. Our security protocols ensure that your documents are protected from unauthorized access, ensuring complete peace of mind.

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