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Legal Case Management Software

Effortless Legal Case Management: Your Key to Success

RunSensible’s cloud-based case management software for lawyers offers a comprehensive solution for organizing cases, tracking time, managing documents, scheduling, and billing, all accessible from anywhere.


What you’ll find in RunSensible

RunSensible case management software is a highly-rated platform that provides a centralized dashboard to comprehensively view all your case information. It simplifies managing your law practice by linking all clients, contacts, documents, calendar events, notes, time entries, and bills to the relevant case. You can access your cases from any device and optimize your workflow by reducing the time spent on tedious tasks so you can focus on the vital aspects of your legal practice.

Cut down on unnecessary work

Streamline your legal practice by using our case management software for lawyers. Manage documents, billing, time tracking, and more all in one place, allowing you to focus on the most important tasks.

From anywhere, anytime

Access all of your legal case documents, bills, client information, and more from any internet-enabled device by logging into your online legal case management software tools. Alternatively, you can also download our mobile app for convenient access on the go.

Include details from existing programs

Easily log emails, manage legal documents, and keep case details in sync with RunSensible by integrating with over 200 other apps and software such as Outlook, GSuite, and Dropbox. Enjoy increased flexibility and smoother handling of legal cases through full integration.

Empower your legal practice with RunSensible. Trust your judgment and achieve excellence.

RunSensible has been a trusted software for years, but now we are focusing specifically on catering to the needs of lawyers and law firms. Besides, who needs 150,000 lawyers’ approval when you have your own great judgement? Trust yourself and give us a try

Monitor progress and stay updated on the status of all cases within your firm.

Efficiently manage your cases by setting their statuses as either Open, Pending or Closed. Easily share updates and collaborate with colleagues using notes and secure messaging. Streamline the processing of cases with seamless teamwork.

Track case progress in real-time

Easily monitor and analyze every modification made to legal cases, including new entries and documents. Identify the person responsible for each change and the exact time it was made. Facilitate seamless collaboration and achieve the best possible results for clients.

Enhance communication with clients and colleagues

Streamline your firm’s operations by utilizing our case management software as the ultimate authority. Ensure the protection of confidential case information through customizable permissions and facilitate secure communication with clients and colleagues through our exclusive online portals.

Customize and optimize our legal matter management software to align with your legal practice’s specific requirements and objectives.

Customize our legal case management software to align with the specific workflow and operational procedures of your law firm, thereby optimizing efficiency, streamlining routine tasks and enabling you to concentrate on the critical aspects of your legal practice.

Standardize the monitoring of key case information

Design tailor-made data fields that align with the procedures of your law firm or the specific legal fields you specialize in to effectively gather, preserve, and retrieve information about cases. Utilize this data for automating document creation.

Standardize the monitoring of key case information

Create specialized categories, lists of tasks, billing rates, payment methods, budgets, and additional elements for each of your legal proceedings.

Utilize online forms to gather information and fill out client profiles

Streamline the client intake process by creating custom online intake forms with RunSensible.

Legal Case Management Software FAQs

Legal case management software is a valuable tool that enables law firms to efficiently manage their legal cases and clients while maintaining case accuracy. With this software, law firms can streamline their workflow, making billing, time tracking, and document management processes smoother, allowing for more focus on billable work.

Case management software is a useful tool that can streamline legal operations. It helps organize documents, schedules, and tasks while also facilitating collaboration among team members. One of the key benefits of such software is that it automates client communication, allowing you to stay in touch with your clients with ease. Additionally, it tracks billable hours, ensuring that you are accurately compensated for your time. This software also ensures compliance and data security, which is crucial for legal professionals. Finally, with features for mobility and scalability, it boosts efficiency, allowing you to focus on delivering top-notch legal services.

When selecting the best solution for your organization, it is important to consider your specific requirements, budget limitations, and any unique features that your business needs. Getting insights from reading reviews, seeking recommendations from similar businesses, and consulting with IT professionals can also be very helpful in making the right choice. By taking these steps, you can ensure that you choose an integrated system that addresses your business needs and helps you achieve your goals.

Lawyers typically rely on a variety of software to manage their firms effectively. While the chosen legal software suite serves as the core of their tech setup, they also utilize accounting software like QuickBooks Online or Xero, document processing tools such as Microsoft Word, and email platforms like Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. Additionally, they may integrate case management software to enhance organization. RunSensible Case Management software emerges as an optimal solution for lawyers seeking improved organization.

To start transferring your current data into the new software, you can begin by importing your contacts and lead lists yourself within the system. If you have additional data beyond contacts and listings, our data migration team is available to assist you. They can help you seamlessly transition your information from another legal case management solution to our software, saving you from manual input and ensuring a smooth transition process.

The cost of case management software can vary significantly depending on whether it is an on-premise or cloud-based solution. Generally, cloud-based options tend to be more cost-effective for most firms due to their low monthly pricing models, inclusive support, and regular updates.

Our legal case management software offers a range of pricing plans tailored to accommodate firms of various sizes and needs. Starting at just $29 per month, we aim to provide accessible solutions for firms of all scales and requirements.

Choosing the right legal case management software depends on your firm’s specific needs and business model. RunSensible case management software is one of the most customizable options available, allowing you to customize the software to align perfectly with your business requirements. With its high level of flexibility, RunSensible can be easily adapted to suit your unique processes and workflows, making it the ideal fit for your business.

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