Civil Litigation Software

Juggling cases, court dates, and procedures for your clients consumes a significant portion of your time as a civil litigator. The last thing you need is to waste your precious time struggling with your legal software.

Civil Litigation Software

Never miss a beat with critical deadlines

With RunSensible, handling landlord-tenant disputes, medical malpractice claims, and any other type of lawsuit is a breeze. Stay on top of deadlines, stay organized with essential documents, remain punctual with your court appearances and client meetings, and receive faster payments. RunSensible makes it easy.

Never miss a beat with critical deadlines

Create documents with ease

With RunSensible’s document management features, you can easily create, organize, and manage critical court documents like pleading captions, filing information sheets, representation certificates, and court forms.

Enjoy the freedom to access your files anywhere, anytime

Instantly locate and access critical case data and files on any device, including your smartphone.

Organize emails, research, and other materials into individual case files

By linking RunSensible with top legal research resources, as well as email providers like Outlook and Gmail, you can efficiently organize all your case-related tasks and communications in one place.

Prompt Your Litigation Payments With Speed And Ease

Refine your billing mechanism and simplify payment procedures for your litigation patrons by implementing credit card payment modes.

Your billing your way

Take your law firm’s billing strategy to the next level with our diverse range of payment options for litigation cases. Bill clients on an hourly basis, using flat fees, or on a contingency basis, while maintaining a professional image with branded, easy-to-read bills.

Maintain impeccable trust account organization

Offer litigation clients the ease and flexibility of depositing funds into trust accounts via online credit card transactions that fully adhere to legal industry standards. Maintain precise and organized trust account records across all channels by integrating RunSensible with industry-leading

accounting software like QuickBooks Online.

Say goodbye to delayed payments and hello to faster cash flow with credit card payments
Want to get paid faster and improve your payment collection process? Accept credit card payments! Our data reveals that firms who do so are paid 39% faster than those who only accept checks. Our solution enables you to email bills to litigation clients, process credit card payments, and seamlessly synchronize transactions with RunSensible and third-party accounting systems via RunSensible. Learn more now!

Prompt Your Litigation Payments With Speed And Ease

With the integration of AI technology, RunSensible enables lawyers to streamline their legal research process. The AI can analyze vast amounts of legal data and quickly identify relevant cases and statutes that may be pertinent to a particular legal issue. By utilizing this AI-powered tool, lawyers can save time and improve the accuracy of their research. Additionally, RunSensible’s integration with popular email providers like Outlook and Gmail allows lawyers to manage and organize their case-related communications alongside their research easily. This creates a centralized location for all case-related tasks and communications, which leads to increased productivity and efficiency in the legal profession.