Task Management with crm

Stay organized and engage your team with task management system!

Enhance team coordination with flexible task management tool. Ensure follow-up, track upcoming and overdue tasks, schedule appointments, delegate tasks, and balance workloads.

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Task Managemnet with CRM

Complete projects super fast,
with minimum overhead!

Adjust your tasks

Flexible task management allows you to freely set and adjust deadlines and prioritize tasks. Reschedule uncompleted tasks. Re-assign tasks to colleagues through email notification.

Task adjustment

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Task automation

Task Automation

Use task automation tool for recurring tasks and processes (like onboarding new clients or starting new projects), considering any intervals of your choosing.

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Notify Your Team Member

When a task is assigned, your team member will receive an email and SMS notification.
Easily set-up email reminders to yourself or the task assignee.

Organize Your Team

Take control of what your team is working on. Track tasks and ensure your team follows up.

Team workload management

Manage client/company/opportunity tasks or assign them to a colleague.

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