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Client Intake Software

Elevate Client Experiences, Boost Your Efficiency

Sign up for RunSensible’s client intake software today and experience how easy it is to engage and retain new clients in the cloud, even when working remotely.

Client Intake Software

Looking for an effortless Intake system for your firm and clients? Look no further than RunSensible.

Save yourself valuable time by implementing a clear and simple intake system that allows you to easily retain new clients and capture crucial information with just a few clicks.

Intake forms

Modernize your client intake with RunSensible

Upgrade your intake process with RunSensible’s modern, user-friendly solution. Say goodbye to clunky paper or PDF forms and time-consuming in-person consultations. With RunSensible, you can share a link to your online public intake form in just a few clicks, and clients can complete it easily on their own time. RunSensible will even capture their Contact and Matter details automatically, saving you time and hassle.

Say goodbye to notepads and spreadsheets!

Make the switch to a paperless system and enjoy the benefits of a streamlined digital client intake process. With this approach, you’ll save time, reduce expenses, and offer greater convenience to your clients.

Say goodbye to manually tracking down leads!

Runsensible makes it easy to bring in potential clients from anywhere. Whether they come from a marketing service, referral, or your website, their information will be automatically captured in your lead inbox.

Keep track of incoming clients

By using RunSensible’s pipeline, you can easily monitor the status of prospective clients. Quickly identify which potential clients require a follow-up and those that are ready to sign a retainer.

Assess which clients are well-matched for your firm

Take advantage of, intuitive programs to simplify essential intake tasks quickly and seamlessly.

Book appointments and allow for online payments

Using RunSensible to schedule appointments is a breeze for both you and your clients. Additionally, by integrating your payments through RunSensible, you can accept immediate online payments for your consultations.

Focus on the most favourable prospects

Customize your form with fields that allow clients to share their preferred meeting times, location, or other specific requirements, making it easier for you to match their needs.

Swiftly verify for duplicate clients and also conflicts of interest

Look for potential clients who are already doing business with your company, or identify any connections that could pose a conflict of interest.

Never worry about missing out on clients when you are away from the office

Effortlessly manage client intake from anywhere, no matter where you or your prospects are based.

Optimize your client intake seamlessly

Take advantage of automation to create to-do lists, documents, and emails digitally, providing visibility and transparency across your organization.

Obtain e-signatures on retainer contracts

Save time and hassle by automating your retainer process. Generate documents instantly and send them for e-signature, without any need for mailing, faxing, or in-person meetings.

Instantly sync with your management software

Transfer all intake-related materials, including documents, notes, events, and contact information, into RunSensible’s cloud-based system immediately after completing the client intake process.

Identify areas for improvement in your client intake system

Keep track of your data to evaluate which areas of your practice and sources are bringing in clients, and pinpoint the ones that yield the greatest amount of business for your firm.

Client Intake software FAQs

A client intake form is a practical tool to gather essential information from clients before meetings. Embed it on your website or distribute it via email. This helps you make well-informed decisions about their suitability for your legal services or firm, saving you time while ensuring the highest level of service to clients.

A client intake form can gather crucial information, such as personal details, case specifics, financial information, and legal history. This data helps law firms evaluate the client’s needs, determine case suitability, and ensure ethical representation.

RunSensible’s legal client intake software simplifies client onboarding, ensuring a positive first impression and reducing staff time spent on administrative tasks. By utilizing RunSensible client intake forms, client interactions can be automated, allowing them to fill out forms on any device. This automation not only minimizes human errors associated with manual data entry but also saves valuable time that would otherwise be spent on executive tasks.

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