Data Security

We really care about your security. That’s why our cloud-based storage services are based on the latest (AWS) Amazon technology. This is a secure state of the art solution with many features you will find beneficial.

  • Our cloud based storage has automated tools that monitor service performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We are sure this will provide you with peace of mind thanks to our secure power supply and backup generators.
  • We ensure that our servers have smoke and flood detection, as well as fire suppression systems.
  • The encryption we provide is state of the art. We do this to make sure that your data is protected and private.
  • The cloud based storage we provide is accessible from any internet connection. This way you can always safely access your data.
  • In addition to this we aim to provide uptime availability of 99.8% which ensures that your data is available whenever you need it.
    As you can see we place a great emphasis on the security of your data and that’s why we have chosen the latest (AWS) Amazon technology. Whether it’s redundant servers, or self-correcting error detection modules, we want you to feel sure that your data is secure and available to you whenever you want. Additionally, we offer two-factor authentication for enhanced security. Learn more here.