Runsensible Legal Payments Software

Enable your clients to conveniently settle their invoices from anywhere, at any time. Our integrated online payment system accelerates your payment processing, enhancing your collection rates and operational productivity

Runsensible legal payments software

Make it hassle free for your clients to pay and for you to get paid

You might have a lengthy list of tasks, and when it comes to payments, you may be spending time chasing down unpaid bills or struggling to keep up with invoicing. Nevertheless, there’s a better way. RunSensible’s online credit card software, specifically developed for law firms, can make the collections process fast, automated, and convenient for you and your clients.

Utilize online payments: Expedite payment collection, streamline your schedule, and deliver superior customer service.

Boost your cash flow with hassle free payment options

With RunSensible’ payment processing solution, you can offer your clients multiple payment channels for paying their bills or trust requests online, resulting in faster payment turnaround times. Your clients can choose to pay via your website, client portal, SMS, and other user-friendly methods.

Eliminate the burden of unforeseen legal bills

Grant your clients peace of mind with automated payment plans that provide flexibility and convenience. Divide payments into manageable portions and set up a payment schedule that meets your client’s requirements while optimizing your firm’s financial well-being.

Save time by managing billing payments in a single step

With our fully-integrated collections system, you can easily manage online payments while automatically associating them with client bills and syncing them to your accounting software. This means fewer errors and more time to focus on your business.

A trustworthy and reliable payment solution for your firm

Access up to the minute finical insights

Take charge of your finances by receiving up-to-date financial reports and instant payment notifications that give you a clear understanding of any outstanding balances. Automate payment reminders for bills that require further attention to ensure that they are paid on time.

Trust accounting made simple with RunSensible

RunSensible’s cutting-edge solution simplifies the management of trust-related transactions while ensuring compliance with trust accounting and IOLTA rules. By segregating earned and unearned funds, the platform provides added protection for your trust account against third-party debiting, including processing fees and chargebacks.

Rest easy knowing that you are in accordance with PCI legislation

RunSensible’s payment processing solution is fully compliant with PCI regulations, incorporating cutting-edge security protocols like bank-grade data protection and proactive fraud detection to facilitate secure online payments. Our clients can even store their card details for added convenience and security.

Clear and upfront pricing

At Runsensible, we believe that pricing should be fair for both you and your clients. That’s why we offer a simple and transparent pricing structure that includes online payments in all our subscription plans. You can accept payments at a fixed rate, without any hidden charges or fluctuating card network fees, making it easy for you and your clients to manage your finances.