Automation For Legal Documents & E-Signatures

Automation For Legal Documents And Software For E-Signatures

Revolutionize your document management with our online platform, which allows for creating, signing, and storage of legally-binding documents, forms, and agreements.


Document signing made simpler

Say goodbye to the complexity of receiving signatures and delivering documents with the help of simple and swift e-signatures, customized agreements, and readily shareable documents.

Save valuable time for everyone, including yourself

With the ability to approve information in mere moments instead of hours, you can easily speed up the progression of all your cases.

Boost your productivity with a centralized solution

With a single platform that offers automated document creation and integrated e-signature technology, you can save on costs and resources that would otherwise be spent on purchasing additional software, printers, paper, and more.

Accelerate your client intake process

Reduce waiting time and expedite client on-boarding by securely sending documents in seconds. Stay updated with real-time notifications for new signatures, and eliminate holdups during the intake process.

Utilize the power of cloud computing to securely store, work on, and share confidential client documents.

With the RunSensible app, accessing, reviewing, signing, and working on client documents from any location has never been more convenient.

Simplify your document workflow by easily creating, sending, and signing documents in a few straightforward steps

Enhance the efficiency of acquiring new clients by furnishing them with pre-formulated agreements or retainers, which they can rapidly sign and return to you using e-signatures.

With RunSensible’s App e-signature features, you can now enable client intake on-the-go

Gone are the days of cumbersome paperwork! With our service, your clients can easily sign legal documents on their mobile devices and send them back to you.

Bid farewell to any chance of a mistake

With our secure online form signing service, your clients can conveniently sign and return forms without the hassle of downloading, printing, or mailing them.

Revolutionize All Your E-Signatures With Automated Documents

Thanks to automated document drafting, you can now send precise and top-notch legal documents to clients for e-signatures within minutes. With RunSensible’s cutting-edge cloud-based technology, even the most intricate routine documents can be generated in half the time.

Convert Word documents into customizable online templates

Revamp your Word documents into editable, online templates that maximize productivity. Save time by auto-populating court forms with the relevant client or matter information, eliminating the need to enter them manually.

Sync your data right from RunSensible

Create court forms with ease and accuracy by leveraging pre-existing data with RunSensible. This streamlined drafting process not only saves time, and money, it also reduces the likelihood of errors.

Accelerate your drafting process, minus the rush and hassle

Save time and effort by avoiding monotonous tasks such as copy-pasting, data entry, and managing numerous versions of the same document. With the capability to automatically populate data across multiple sets of documents, you can simplify your workload and optimize your workflow.

Use cloud-based court forms

Gain access to a comprehensive collection of current official court forms from all over the country. Save pre-existing sets of standard forms and streamline the data entry process with an automated population instead of retyping it over again.