Helping Optimize Businesses

Our Mission

We’re a team of developers, designers, and experts collaborating to create and continually upgrade RunSensible, the complete business solution for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups. For us, everything started two years ago, when we decided to bring together our technical expertise and make a product that actually is a complete solution, including CRM, scheduling and marketing tools, integrated business phone, and even a full inventory management system. That makes RunSensible more than just a CRM — but it is a solution for small businesses, and that means it has to be truly affordable. In short, we are trying to offer a feature-packed, powerful business tool for prices that small business owners can actually afford.

Going Forward

As we continue to improve and expand our sales and marketing platform, we look toward a future where RunSensible can serve numerous small businesses and startups in all their tasks. We are also taking strides in presenting industry-specific solutions based on the main application, making it more efficient for lawyers, photographers, and other businesses. Our current and future users will enjoy a constantly updated, frequently upgraded platform that will include new features all the time.