Phone System for Law Firms

Your law firm will be next level with our phone system

Revolutionize your businesses with the phone system of tomorrow. Effortlessly set it up and experience crystal-clear calls every time.

Phone system for law firms
Call system

Call, fax, or chat in one app

Fax, visual voicemail, and more.

Ultimate Solution

Easy for everyone

The easiest phone system you’ll ever set up.
Use the app on your mobile, desktop, or desk phone.

AI powered phone system

AI and Phone Systems

Recording the phone conversation, converting it to text,

summarizing, and creating facts is a work of art.


Work your way

Run your business with the way you live.

Enjoy a complete business phone service from anywhere.

Empower your law firm with the RunSensible legal phone system

Seamless Management
Ready in a Snap!

Adding new phone numbers, devices, offices, and remote teams has never been quicker!

No more wasting time with manual note-taking. Experience lightning-fast note-taking and meeting summaries with AI that boost your productivity!

Transform the way you do meetings with a cutting-edge AI assistant that simplifies audio recording, note-taking, slide capture, and summary creation – giving you more time to focus on what really matters. Take teamwork to the next level with a live transcript! No more miscommunications or misunderstandings. Add comments, highlight key points, and delegate tasks with ease.

Keep everyone aligned with Automated Summary

After the meeting, Otter generates and emails a summary that allows you to easily recall and share key information, saving you time from having to revisit the entire transcript.

Delight customers with advanced features

Route customers with interactive voice response (IVR) and call queues. Take advantage of a virtual phone system with built-in multi-site support to manage business branches with unique operational needs. Plus, get customer support via chat or phone.

Add new business phone numbers with ease

Set up secure business lines on employees’ personal devices. Keep existing numbers or get new local, global, or toll-free numbers.

The phone system that moves with you

Flip calls between a softphone, desk phone, or mobile device in one tap. Switch phone calls to video meetings with one click.