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Construction bid sites are a great way for contractors to find projects that will attract bids. Bid sites help contractors find jobs that have been posted by government agencies, schools, and other public entities. The best construction bid sites let you filter by location, project size, and type of work. Reviewing bids can also help you get a sense of the cost of different types of work in your area.

That said, there are many different kinds of construction bid sites out there—from those that offer only free services to pay-for-play options with extra bells and whistles (like analytics). So how do you know which ones are right for your business? In this article we’ll take a look at five popular construction bid sites; each with their own pros and cons when it comes to pricing models as well as features like analytics tools or electronic bidding capabilities. We’ll also discuss some important considerations before signing up for any company’s services so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your business needs.


Why You Should Start Using a Construction Bidding Site

Finding construction bids online is a great way to expand your client base in an affordable and low-effort manner! In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the best sites for finding construction bids online. We will cover everything from how much money you can expect to make from these sites as well as what types of jobs they have available.

Construction bid sites are a great way to find the best projects for your company. They help contractors find projects that are more likely to attract bids, so you can spend less time bidding and more time working.

Finding construction bids online is a great way to expand your client base in an affordable and low-effort manner! It’s also a great way to find new clients, so take advantage of these sites by creating an account and posting your company profile. These companies will then reach out to you about local jobs where they think you can provide the best bid for the job.

You’ll be able to find the right bid for yourself, making it easier than ever before to find new construction jobs!

Basically, construction bid sites are a great option for you if:

  • You want the convenience of online bidding.
  • You want to save time and money by not paying for printing costs, shipping and handling fees, or labor hours spent running to the post office.
  • You want to gain access to new leads and customers with whom you can create long-lasting relationships.

If your company does not fit into any of these categories, then a construction bid site may not be right for you at this time.


The 5 Best Construction Bid Sites for Contractors

Now that you have an idea of what to look for in a contractor bidding site, here are 5 of the best construction bid sites for contractors:

  • NextGen Bid is one of the most popular online bidding platforms for construction companies. They offer a free 30-day trial so you can test out their service before committing to a paid plan. Their website boasts over 1 million users and over half a million projects uploaded from contractors all across the United States, Canada and Australia with new projects going up every day. They also have an app available on both iTunes and Google Play that allows you to view all available bids within your area when you’re away from your computer!
  • Construction Bid Source is another great option if you’re looking for an easy way to submit bids without having any technical knowledge or experience with computers or websites like NextGen Bid does require (you don’t even need an email address). It’s completely free unless they find that they’ve helped save your company money by using their software–then they’ll ask for some sort of payment!

NextGen Bid

NextGen Bid is a construction bid site used by contractors and subcontractors to find projects and bid on them. This platform is free to join, and it has a large database of both projects and contractors/subcontractors. You can search for jobs based on your location or by category, such as residential or commercial. It also allows you to filter results based on keywords in the job description, company name or other information.

NextGen Bid lets you save bidders so that they are easier to find the next time you log in. It also provides messaging tools so that you can communicate more efficiently with potential clients before making a commitment to work together.

Construction Bid Source

If you’re looking for a site that will make your life easier, Construction Bid Source is the site for you. It’s easy to use and affordable, with a large database of projects and an app that lets you access everything from your phone.


eSub is a construction bid site that provides information on projects in the US and Canada. eSub is a subscription-based service, which means you must pay to access their database. Subscriptions include free trials and are available at various price points depending on your needs.

If you choose to subscribe, you can use eSub’s mobile app to access your account from anywhere at any time (even if you don’t have internet access). The app includes bid opportunities for both the United States and Canada, so if you work within one of these two countries, this could be a good option for finding new projects.

The blog section of eSub offers tips on how contractors can improve their chances of winning bids and gives advice related to bidding strategies as well as project management best practices. In addition to the blog posts, there’s also an active forum where people discuss everything from useful tips about how to win more jobs through using social media marketing strategies vs traditional advertising methods such as radio commercials or flyers posted around town (or even door-to-door salespeople!).

If ever need help with anything related either directly or indirectly related towards getting started using services like theirs then just give them some feedback via their support team who will always be happy come back whenever possible!

Dodge Construction Central

  • Dodge Construction Central is a site that helps contractors find construction bids
  • The site is free to use and has over 5,000 active contractors
  • The site has over 100,000 projects
  • The site has over 2 million bids

Construction Bid Board Network

Construction Bid Network is a tool that provides you with the most comprehensive list of construction projects. The platform allows you to find projects by location, type, and size to help you find the right project for your business. You can also use the platform to find the right contractor for the job, allowing you to bid on projects in real time.


You can use GovTribe to find government projects in your area and bid on them directly from the site. In the past few years, GovTribe has grown to include over 2 million projects from all levels of government across North America.

You can create a profile on GovTribe and get notifications when new bids are posted that match your skill set. You’ll also be able to see what other contractors have bid on projects so you can determine if they’re fair prices or not.


ConstructConnect is a project management tool that helps you find construction bids and ensure your projects are completed on time and within budget. You’ll need to be an owner or general contractor in order to access their marketplace of pre-qualified contractors, but once you do, ConstructConnect will help you find the best-priced bids for your next project.

ConstructConnect has several other features that make it one of the most powerful platforms available:

  • Project Management

Use ConstructConnect’s collaboration tools to manage all aspects of your project, including budgeting, scheduling and even logistics like vehicle rental or equipment rentals. Each task can be assigned to specific team members so they’re able to track their progress in real-time from anywhere with an internet connection. You’ll also be able to see the status of each task at any given moment so there won’t be any surprises down the line when things start falling behind schedule—or even worse! That way you’ll know how long until everything will get done exactly as planned before beginning construction which means no more overpaying because something was done faster than expected (and charging less because something took longer than expected).

  • Bid Management

BidNet Direct

  • BidNet Direct is a construction bid management system that allows contractors to find and submit bids for construction projects.
  • BidNet Direct offers a free trial, so you can try it before you buy.
  • BidNet Direct has a mobile app so you can submit bids on the go.

Plan Connect

Plan Connect is a construction bid listing site that allows you to post your construction bids. It focuses on the residential and commercial construction industry. Plan Connect has a great reputation as a construction bid listing site—it provides an easy-to-use platform for contractors, suppliers, and subcontractors to post their projects in one place. Plan Connect allows users to search for projects by location or keyword, making it easy for anyone looking for general contractors in their area to find what they’re looking for. The website also makes it easy for businesses interested in attracting new customers from across the country to get started posting their own job openings on the site immediately after creating an account with their email address or phone number only!


SmartBid is a construction bid site that lets you post bids, find contractors, and manage your project. It has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to set up and manage your account. The app allows you to keep track of projects you’ve posted on the site, as well as those where you’ve bid but haven’t been awarded yet. This way you can see how many jobs are in progress at any given time and eventually get a better idea of which ones will be coming up next in line for bidding once they come available again (if applicable).


BidCentral is a free construction bidding platform for contractors, suppliers, and subcontractors to list their bids and receive project requests from building owners and general contractors.

Construction Bid Source

The Construction Bid Source is a free bidding site that offers a simple way to find and post bids. The website lets you easily search for projects by location, type of work, and more. You can also create an alert to get notified when new bids are posted in your area.

For contractors looking for more than just one project at a time, the Construction Bid Source can be helpful in tracking down multiple projects at once—and without signing up for anything!


BidListing is a great site for contractors to find jobs and clients. The site allows you to search by location, job type, price range and more. BidListing also has a handy feature that lets you see what other users have bid on similar projects in your area.


Bidspeed is an online tool that allows you to manage your bids and subcontractors. With Bidspeed, you can create, manage and track construction projects. It’s the leading construction bid management software in the industry—and for good reason!

Bidspeed is a cloud-based solution with a simple interface that makes it easy to add new contractors on the go. You can also use its powerful reporting tools to analyze your data at any time during or after your project has been completed.


Best Subcontractor Bidding Sites for 2023

If you’re a freelancer looking for work in the construction industry, you’ve probably tried bidding on projects through subcontractor bidding sites. is a great contestant for the title of the best construction bid site and subcontractor bidding sites and whyave we h

That’s why we developed it’s free! To get started, simply input your city and state below and click “Search.” You’ll then be taken to a list of all available subcontractor bidding sites in your area that have openings right now. And unlike other sites where contractors are only interested in big jobs (meaning less opportunity for smaller operations), we have included both large and small subcontractors so that everyone has access to this valuable information without having to pay any fees whatsoever!

  1. Buildertrend

Buildertrend is a cloud-based software for home builders and remodelers that allows them to manage the business side of the construction process. With Buildertrend, you can create jobs and send them out to contractors. You can also track costs and monitor project performance with their accounting features.

With Buildertrend, you can:

  • Track time spent on each job so you know what your subcontractors should be paid for their work
  • Create estimates based on the cost per square foot for materials and labor which will help in bidding for future projects
  • Estimate how much it will cost to complete your project

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Buildertrend is a cloud-based software for home builders and remodelers that allows them to manage the business side of the construction process.

Buildertrend is a cloud-based software for home builders and remodelers that allows them to manage the business side of the construction process. Buildertrend was founded in 2013 by Tony Fenton, who had previously worked as a contractor in the DC area with over 15 years of experience.

The company’s software solution is designed to help contractors and subcontractors manage their projects, bids, and subcontractors. The product is used by companies across multiple industries including construction, remodeling, and renovation, real estate developers/investors/brokers/agents.


SmartBidNet is a cloud-based platform that offers preconstruction management, project management, and field productivity tools for contractors and subcontractors. The company also offers a mobile app that can be used to manage projects on the go.

  • Preconstruction Management: SmartBidNet’s preconstruction management tool helps you create bids for jobs as well as estimate labor hours and material quantities. The platform also provides access to market pricing information so you can accurately bid on your projects.
  • Project Management: This feature allows you to track time spent on jobs by employee or employee group, including overtime costs associated with those employees. It also lets you view active projects from all job sites in one place through an easy-to-navigate dashboard interface.
  • Field Productivity Tools: These include automated billing processes like invoice approvals and electronic payments; invoicing software; bid submissions; document storage (including scanning); photos/videos taken during job site visits; GPS tracking of equipment usage; custom reports based on activity data collected throughout each day of operation at every location worked on within any given week/month/year across multiple states within the U.”


Bid2Build is a platform that allows you to bid on projects and get paid for the work you do. You can create a profile, upload your resume and bid on projects. If you are looking for construction jobs, then this site is ideal for you! Bid2build allows users to post bids on jobs from across the country, create and share estimates, sign contracts with clients, manage their portfolios and send messages to other users.

Bid2build has built up an impressive list of clients who use it as their primary resource to hire subcontractors:


Procore is a cloud-based construction management software platform that allows contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to collaborate on projects. It also offers mobile apps to enable field workers to access and update project information in real time.

Procore’s app helps you create job estimates by providing the necessary tools for estimating labor costs, materials and equipment prices. The app then provides you with an estimate report when you’re finished.


  • BuilderStorm is a cloud-based project management software that allows construction companies to manage all of their projects, including estimating, bidding, scheduling and invoicing.
  • BuilderStorm integrates with other popular tools including Procore, Autodesk BIM 360, Bluebeam and more.


Capterra is a software directory that helps businesses find the right software for their needs. It has a database of over 3,000 products and services, including project management software, accounting software, HR software, ecommerce tools and more.

If you’re looking for subcontractors in your industry or geographic area (like San Francisco), enter those details into the search bar at the top of their website. Then choose which types of contractors you want to see results for:

  • Project Management Agencies – Find contract workers who can help with design, construction or installation projects like landscape design or commercial HVAC service work.
  • Design Agencies – Search for consultants who specialize in interior design or architecture as well as graphic designers specializing in print materials such as brochures and business cards based on typeface preferences set by client companies hiring them (such as Times New Roman).


BidClerk is a cloud-based platform that helps contractors and subcontractors find and manage projects. It allows users to create bids, send them to potential clients, and track the status of each project.

The site also provides tools for managing projects after they’ve been awarded. For example, BidClerk can help you organize your subcontractors into groups so they can collaborate on a project without having access to one another’s work files. You can also set up communications in the platform by sending emails or text messages directly from within BidClerk’s interface. BidClerk is a great place to find jobs in the US and Canada. The website has more than 25,000 registered contractors so you won’t have trouble finding work in your area.

BidClerk offers three pricing plans:

  • Basic ($99/month) includes unlimited bids, 100MB storage space per user account and one job per month;
  • Pro ($129/month) includes unlimited bids; 5GB storage space per user account; 5 jobs per month; plus customer support via phone or email;
  • Premium ($199/month) includes unlimited bids with no limits on the number of jobs available through the platform at any given time (this plan also offers priority customer support).


ConstructionWire is a free online platform for construction professionals to find jobs, bid on projects and collaborate with other builders, engineers and contractors. The website features a forum where users can discuss industry trends and share information about their own projects.

There’s also an area where you can upload your resume so that potential clients will see what kind of work you’ve done in the past—a handy tool if you’re looking for more work as a subcontractor!

iSqFt (Construction Software Technologies Inc.)

iSqFt, now known as Construction Software Technologies Inc., was founded in 1993 to provide computerized takeoff and estimating software for commercial construction companies in North America and Canada. The company was later purchased by Autodesk and expanded its platform to include preconstruction management tools, bid management tools, project management tools and other apps that can be integrated with its main platform to provide a more complete solution for contractors and subcontractors.

Construction Bid Source

Construction Bid Source is a free online bidding system that allows you to post your bids and receive bids from other contractors. You can also use it to find vendors in your area. It’s easy to use, has a mobile app, and doesn’t require registration — although if you do register, you’ll have access to additional features such as the ability to save favorites and create custom projects for future reference.


BidClip is a free tool that helps contractors and subcontractors find new bids. But it can also be used to bid on existing bids, which means you won’t have to wait for new ones to come online. It’s easy to use, doesn’t require registration, and takes only minutes to set up an account so you can start bidding right away!


Biddingo is a free service that allows you to bid on government projects, private projects and public works projects.

Biddingo is a great place to find subcontractor jobs because it provides you with access to the latest and most relevant information about upcoming bids. You can also create your own account for free so that you can upload your resume and bid on specific opportunities that interest you in different locations.


BuildNet is a tool that contractors and subcontractors can use to find new opportunities. BuildNet has both a mobile app and website where you can sign up to be notified of new bids, as well as ask questions and learn from other contractors.

Bid Ocean

Bid Ocean is a free service that offers you an opportunity to search for bids and subcontractor opportunities. If you are currently working as a subcontractor, this site will help you find more work.

You can use BidOcean to find new bids, learn more about contracting companies, and network with other subcontractors in your area. BidOcean provides users with the ability to share information about their own company as well as post reviews of other businesses they have worked with.

Your Local Builders Exchange’s Website

Builders exchange websites are an absolute must for all contractors and construction companies that are trying to break into the business or grow.

Builders Exchange Network

The Builders Exchange Network is a website and a service that helps connect all the small, local exchanges and the contractors and construction companies that are part of them. While the Builders Exchange Network may be a little less up-to-date than its local versions, it does give you a much broader perspective. Also, the Builders Exchange Netowk brings together all jobs and projects from North America, so it’s a valuable tool for contractor businesses or construction companies st Canada as well the United States and even Mexico.

Building Connected

Building Connected is a construction management software company that has a free online bidding platform where you can bid on projects and get paid for your work. The platform also allows you to manage your business by creating an invoice system, time tracking tools and more.

How to Manage Your Bids Like a Pro

If you’re looking for a construction bid site that can help your business find more profitable projects, Construction Bid Network is the ideal solution. With our advanced technology and network of sites, we have everything you need to find new work and win more bids. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and helping contractors succeed in today’s competitive construction market. We look forward to working with you!

These are just some of the many sites that offer bidding services for contractors and subcontractors. The key to success on any of them is to keep your profile up-to-date with accurate information, including pricing, availability and experience level. The more complete your profile is, the better chance you’ll have at getting selected for projects from these sites’ clients. To get started today go to one of these 20 candidates for the best construction bid sites and sign up! Before that, however, set things up using RunSensible, so you can get the most out of your efforts. RunSensible is an all-in-one sales and marketing software that give you all (really, all) the tools you need to manage and grow your business, whatever niche you’re in, no matter how small your business may be. Don’t take my word for it though — start using RunSensible for free right now, no credit card required .


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