When it comes to determining the best law firm management software, there are several features to look for. Among these features are efficiency and productivity. In addition to improving workflow, it can also lower administrative costs and streamline collaboration among attorneys. The software can handle case information, track billable hours, process payments, and generate invoices. Let’s take a look at each of these features. Let’s start by discussing the benefits of using these software solutions in your law firm.



An incredibly feature-rich practice management software and legal software designed for small law firms and solo lawyers, RunSensible is both affordable and comprehensive. With numerous built-in tools and features, RunSensible will help you tackle all aspects of running and growing your practice. This practice management software is a cloud-based solution that keeps all your clients, communications, and document in one place. Everything from generating intake forms with customized fields and online scheduling calendars suited to your time and demands, to dedicated business phones and billing and payment systems.

RunSensible is more than just a legal CRM. In fact, it offers in one place all the tools that you usually have to pay for separately, including email marketing tools, business phone solutions, auto-schedulers, matters and project managers, and so much more. Some of these tools and features are unique to RunSensible, meaning you won’t get them from any other practice management software or legal CRM. For example, the workflow-enabled booking calendar allows you to handle scheduling, intake, and contracts in a single sweep. When your clients want to set up an appointment with you, they can be required to fill out intake forms, sign your contract, or even pay for your time in advance. That takes care of all the hassle that lawyers have to deal with in getting new clients, especially if you provide consultation sessions.

The seamless billing and payment system ensures complete control of the payment process, keeping you updated on all events. You’ll be notified when a client gets billed, when they open their billing email, when they pay your fees, and when there is an overdue payment. The billing and payment system offers your clients a branded experience, meaning you’ll be adding your own logo and name to everything that your clients see when they pay your fees. An easy setup allows you to integrate your favorite online payment system, including PayPal and Square.


If you run a medium-sized law firm and want to be able to manage all of your case files efficiently, CaseFleet is another good option. It includes built-in CRM, which will remind you to follow up with leads and help you win more clients. It also features a transcript viewer so you can review your deposition transcripts. The system automatically generates pin cites and allows you to attach notes to highlights.

Time and billing: Time and billing are two of the most essential components of running a legal practice. In addition to tracking billable hours, this feature also keeps track of fees and expenses. It also lets you keep track of expenses, including court fees, expert witness expenses, and more. Billable hours are tracked automatically, and your billing is more accurate than ever. The software even lets you create invoices and generate reports based on these costs.

Timeline: Timelines are a powerful feature that allows you to view case data chronologically. With a Timeline, you can view any case chronologically and quickly jump into the relevant documents. It even allows you to create new facts that can be inserted into chronology. CaseFleet makes it easy for law firms to produce professional work products and linked documents. Moreover, it helps lawyers and investigators reach better outcomes by organizing all the facts and evidence, linking witnesses, and legal issues.

The best practice management software for law firms can help you organize your daily activities. The case management tool includes case files, task management, and email. It also offers secure file storage and expert assistance for your daily processes. The software also provides document assembly options. It also offers an online calendar and document assembly options. In addition to these features, CaseFleet also offers powerful integrations with other legal software systems.


With the right practice management software, you can keep track of everything from invoices to client information. Taskeo has built-in cloud storage and advanced document management features, such as full-text search and document tagging. With integrated Outlook support, you can store important emails related to particular matters. The software also offers an iPhone and Android app, as well as an open API for third-party integration. Clients can view a history of paid bills and communicate with attorneys.

Another feature of Taskeo is its time tracking capabilities. You can easily track your time and complete your tasks, from anywhere, using a mobile device. And since Taskeo works across all devices, you can keep track of all your tasks at once. This is especially useful if you have several employees working at different locations, since you can access the software on any device from your phone or laptop. Taskeo helps you save time by automating repetitive tasks and synchronizing data between all devices.

With the right legal practice management software, you can empower your staff and boost productivity. With a robust billing system and exceptional document management features, Taskeo is an ideal choice for law firms looking to streamline their workflow. Its simple, intuitive interface makes it easy to use and helps law firms to grow their business. For more information on Taskeo, visit their website. There are many other benefits of Taskeo.

The right practice management software helps attorneys focus on their core duties. It helps attorneys track case information and crucial deadlines and makes collaboration with paralegals easier. It also provides insights into case management and workflow, which boosts the overall productivity of the law firm. In addition to automating legal workflows, law practice management software also helps attorneys track case information, track billable hours, and generate invoices. It also helps law firms manage their finances and communicate case updates to their clients.


MyCase Best Practice Management Software is a powerful tool that streamlines the way you work, collect payments, manage documents, and manage matters. Its cloud-based system allows you to manage data from multiple devices, and the MyCase mobile apps enable you to work from the go. They also offer mobile apps for iOS and Android that make it easy for you to access vital documents, send and receive files, and receive alerts.

A law firm management system is a great way to streamline the workflow of the firm. Its features include client intake, communication, document generation, and time tracking. Other notable features of the system include unlimited storage, enterprise-level security, mobile support, and integrations with popular third-party systems. A few cons of MyCase Best Practice Management Software for Law Firms include:

MyCase is an affordable and easy-to-use cloud-based solution that streamlines case management. The software integrates with a number of third-party tools, such as accounting software. Although MyCase does not include a complete accounting suite, it does offer several powerful tools for tracking expenses. Moreover, the software provides comprehensive integration with popular commercial email platforms.

MyCase also allows law firms to communicate directly with clients, without having to open up another application or tab. Its Kanban board feature helps attorneys visualize cases and track their time spent on work-related tasks. Lawcus also supports different billing schemes, letting law firms easily generate detailed invoices with customizable branding. Its plan costs $35 per user per month. This software is a great choice for law firms that need a legal firm to stay organized.


If you’re looking for the best practice management software for law firms, you’ve probably already tried a few different programs. But despite the various features, none can compare to the functionality and ease-of-use of LexWorkplace. Its powerful document management system allows you to handle documents and emails efficiently. Its two-factor authentication and geo-redundant data centers protect data from being compromised or lost.

LexWorkplace allows you to quickly view documents by marking them as favorites, which prevents them from being modified. With the help of LexWorkplace, you can easily download copies of documents, track document versions, and add comments to notable ones. You can check out documents and share them with colleagues with the click of a button. Moreover, LexWorkplace allows you to track the versions of your documents so that you can view them later.

As a document management system, LexWorkplace offers you an efficient way to organize all documents in your firm. Its features include full-text search, OCR, version management, and Outlook integration. You can also use LexWorkplace on both Windows and Mac computers. In addition, it has 1 TB of cloud storage and native support for both operating systems. You’ll never be without documents again!

Uptime Legal is now accepting applications for early access to LexWorkplace. This program is similar to Beta testing, but it’s actually intended to be live in a law firm. That means that Uptime Legal has put in all the necessary infrastructure and safeguards to protect data and make it as safe as possible. This means that law firms accepted into the Early Access program will have a head start on improving their practices.


The cloud-based legal practice management software Actionstep can help law firms manage every aspect of their business, from client intake to billing and accounting. Its fully integrated platform allows for maximum flexibility, scalability, and customization, which is critical for any size firm. The software includes a highly organized document management system, integrated workflow capabilities, and popular integrations. These features allow law firms to make better use of their time and reduce administrative burdens.

ActionStep is a cloud-based legal practice management software solution that features tools for case management, billing and invoicing, and automating workflow. It also includes customer relationship management. Users can easily track case information, manage tasks and documents, and manage accounting and billing functions. The system also comes with a robust CRM, which helps attorneys manage their client relationships. It’s great for growing law firms and offers a free trial.

Zola Suite is another cloud-based law practice management software option. The software is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices and provides seamless remote access. However, Zola Suite is more expensive and may not be the best option for solo practitioners. Rocket Matter is another decent option for small firms. It’s a productivity-oriented tool, which is an affordable option for small-to-mid-sized law firms.

Integrated email management is another feature of this legal practice management software. Users can keep track of important case-related emails. A Smart Suggest system makes it easy to find contacts, while a timesheet feature fills in the data automatically for each case. Additionally, the system bills time automatically as messages are sent. ActionStep Best Practice Management Software for Law Firms


How to Choose the Best Practice Management Software in 2022

We have gone over some of the top candidates for the best practice management software for law firms and solo lawyers in 2022. But which of them is right for your practice? Your practice is as unique as you are and that means your demands will be unique as well. While medium-sized and large law firms are better off using software platforms like MyCase or even developing their own legal CRM, small law firms and solo lawyers need a complete practice management solution that can help them grow without breaking their budget. When it comes to that, RunSensible is the best practice management software and legal CRM hands down. Check out all the features and tools that RunSensible offers in a single place and at affordable prices that show it is actually aimed at small practices.

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