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If you’re a lawyer, chances are you’ve been asked the question: “What do you want out of your law firm management software?” When we ask our clients that question, most lawyers want the same things. That’s why we designed our software with eight must-have features so that no matter what your practice area or size, every lawyer can utilize this technology to the fullest to offer the best service in the business.

1. Automatic Case Tracking

Case/Document Management is one of the most important features you need in your law firm management software. It allows you to keep track of all your cases, which can include individual clients, matters, and teams.

Case management can help with:

  • Client engagement and retention
  • Timely communication with clients
  • Risk mitigation by identifying potential problems early on in a case

2. Integrated Billing

Integrated billing is a feature that allows you to bill clients directly from the software. It can be used to track time, create invoices, and automate the billing process. This is a key feature of law firm management software because it gives you control over every aspect of your client’s billing process from tracking hours worked by each attorney or paralegal to automating payments via credit card or check.

3. Easy-to-Use Interface

As a lawyer, you probably don’t know anything about software development. You just want to get things done. That’s why it is so important that the interface of your law firm management software be simple and easy to use.

Our customers should be able to open up their new software and start using it right away without having to spend days or weeks learning how everything works (or even hiring someone else).

The best way for this type of system-wide usability is through simplicity: make sure there aren’t any unnecessary steps involved in performing basic tasks like creating an invoice or registering new clients; make sure that users don’t have any trouble navigating between different screens.

4. Remote Access Capabilities

If you’re a busy lawyer, remote access capabilities are a must. Being a Cloud-based Software, you can access your data from anywhere and at any time. You can also get the latest information about your firm’s performance without having to be in the office, which can be a huge advantage over competitors who don’t have remote access capabilities.

The ability to work remotely is especially important if you have an office outside of major cities where employees may live far away or commute long distances every day. This allows them more flexibility when it comes time for meetings with clients or other professionals who might not live nearby either.

5. Time Monitoring and Reporting

Time tracking is a must-have feature for any law firm management software. Time billing, time management, and time reporting can all be done through the software.

Time tracking software allows you to track how much time your employees spend on each task so that you know exactly how much work they are doing. This helps with payroll and billing as well as overall productivity within your firm.

6. Advanced Contact Management

Contact management is a key feature for law firms. It helps you stay in touch with clients and prospects, keeps track of leads, referrals, and other sources of business, helps you manage your relationships with clients, and see who else has been in contact with them.

Sophisticated contact management systems can even automatically generate Follow-up Emails based on time intervals or events (such as when someone signs up on the website).

7. Team Collaboration Tools

Law firms are nothing without their teams, which is why it’s important to ensure that your law firm management software will allow you to collaborate with other members of your staff in an easy and organize them in efficient manner. Whether you want to share documents or discuss upcoming cases with team members, having access to these capabilities will make everything run smoothly.

8. Customizable Courses & Training Programs

Training is an essential part of any law firm’s management software. With so many new features and updates, it’s important to keep your staff up to date with the latest technology.

Training can be provided by your software vendor or by your own employees, but it’s important that you have some sort of training plan in place before launching into a new system. The best way to do this is through customized courses and training programs where you can learn exactly what features are most useful for your firm’s needs.

Here you can access a 14-day free trial of Runsensible CRM to see how simple and intuitive it is. All the data you enter in the trial version will be transferred to the full version after you purchase a subscription so you won’t have to worry about data loss or re-entering anything all over again.

Law Firm Management Software is a CRM for Lawyers

Law firm management software is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for lawyers. It’s an online client management system that allows you to manage your firm’s clients, cases, and workflow.

It is used by law firms of all sizes because it helps them with the following tasks:

  • Manage Client Data and Cases More Efficiently
  • Use Advanced Search Capabilities to Find Information Quickly (e.g. during discovery)
  • Handle Billing in One Place


The most important thing to remember when looking for law firm management software is that it should be adaptable and easy to use. You don’t want a complicated system that requires you to spend hours learning how to use it before you can even begin working with it. Instead, look for something with an intuitive interface so that even if you’re not tech-savvy or a computer expert, using this type of software won’t be difficult at all!


1. What if we don’t understand how to work with a specific section of the software?
We have put in a lot of time and effort to make the software as intuitive as possible, but in case of any ambiguity, you can ask us at “” any time you want!

2. Is Runsensible safe to use?
Yes, since this is a cloud-based software, security is our top priority. You and only you will be able to access the information uploaded to the cloud.

3. Is billing and sending invoices automated in Runsensible?
Yes, not only does the software meticulously record and calculate the billable hours, but it can also be programmed to send each client’s invoice to their email automatically.

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