The year is 1995. You own a yoga studio. You have a bookcase in your office full of signup forms, instructor contracts, and records. Your whiteboard is updated every 30 days with the month’s schedule. There’s literally too little space to write everything on it, so you have to scribble here and there. You’re always running in loops, booking instructors, and scheduling classes on notepads. Let’s not forget the post-its filled with daily tasks on your desk. Your bag is filled with fliers. Every time you talk to someone that might be interested in signing up for your classes, you hand them a flier. Late at night, when you have just arrived home and thrown your shoes in a corner, you stand in the living room thinking that you probably need to practice yoga more than anyone.

But no, it’s 2022. We don’t run businesses the way we used to do in the 90s. Our new best friend is technology. And with technology comes business management solutions. These tools help business owners and their team members manage and track administrative work related to running a business. What you as a yoga studio owner need is a yoga studio management software. With a yoga studio software, managing your yoga studio takes only a few clicks a day. A lot of the time spent on repetitive, tedious tasks will now be dedicated to building an effective bond with your clients and increasing your brand awareness.

This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about yoga studio management software. I also included a detailed list of the best yoga studio management software. Choosing which software is suitable for you depends on what you expect from the software. I know you are still a bit confused, but you will be able to choose the best yoga studio management software for your business by the end of this post. So, sit tight and keep reading!

What Is Yoga Studio Software?

Yoga studio management software is a bundle of different tools and features that will help you run administrative tasks like scheduling, tracking payments, sales funnels, and even running marketing campaigns. The basic use of a yoga studio management software is to manage clients, collect contact information, schedule classes, and manage payments. But there is so much more a tool like this can do for you. The best yoga studio management software can automate repetitive tasks like sending personalized emails and text messages. Some of the other features the best yoga studio software should have are:

  • Create and manage membership plans
  • Create and manage classes
  • Automate the process of signing and renewing contracts
  • Automate reminders and different member communication methods
  • Generate insights and reports
  • Onboard new members with a seamless application process
  • Create invoices and track payments
  • Track class attendance

Why Do I Need Yoga Studio Management Software?

There are 3 frequently mentioned reasons why yoga studio owners hesitate to buy a yoga studio management software:

  • Solo yoga instructors and small yoga studio owners do not think it’s necessary for them to have a yoga studio management software.
  • Yoga studios often assume the software is hard to manage and navigate.
  • They think software makes yoga impersonal.

The truth is, business management tools like yoga studio management software are not just for the big players. Anyone that has a business to run can take advantage of the tool. If you run a small yoga studio, using a yoga studio management software helps you organize and automate tasks that otherwise take a lot of time from your daily work hours. By leaving those tasks to the hands of the best yoga studio management software, you will find the time to focus on tasks like marketing and advertising that are necessary for your business growth.

Sure, some apps and tools are hard to handle. Some are even so complex that they require training and assistance to install and function. But yoga studio management software is usually not that complex. The key to the best yoga studio management software is to be intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. A straightforward UI and UX design help users who are not tech-savvy easily learn what’s where on the software. That’s why for this blog post, I chose the best yoga studio software that any yoga instructor or yoga studio owner can use.

Now that you know yoga studio management software is not scary, let’s take a look at the most important ways they can actually benefit your business:

1. Save time

As I have already mentioned, yoga studio management software can help save a lot of time. You can manage most of your daily tasks automatically:

  • Clients can book classes and pay for them online
  • Update your schedule in real-time
  • Send emails and text messages to clients and instructors

2. Communicate with clients

A yoga studio management software makes communication simple, effective, and easy. You should be able to:

  • Automate sending push notifications, text messages, and emails
  • Advertise new classes
  • Offer promotions and discounts

3. Streamline your business

Reports and analytics help you understand how your business is doing. Yoga studio management software offers report tools that help you answer these questions:

  • Are students coming back?
  • Are they leaving you after a few classes?
  • Do they refer their friends to you?

These 3 key benefits make a huge difference in running a yoga studio. Intrigued? Good. Now that you are interested, you need to know there are different yoga studio management software types.

What to Look for When Buying Yoga Studio Management Software?

Some tools focus on one or two features, and some contain all the different features. For example, yoga studio booking software focuses mainly on the scheduling feature, while RunSensible offers every feature you need. This might make it hard to know which software is suitable for your business. What helps is knowing all the features that different yoga studio apps offer so you can pick and choose the ones you need. Then, based on the features that are important to you, you can choose the software that offers them.

1. Online class booking

Appointment booking is a key tool the best yoga studio management software should offer. It lets you create an online booking calendar with all your available times and classes. Clients can then use the calendar to book the preferred classes and dates. You can offer all sorts of add-ons with the calendar. For example, payment before booking, sign-up forms, wish lists, adding or editing classes, etc. There are yoga studio booking software that mainly offer the online booking tool. Still, some other tools focus on the online booking tool and offer other features as well.

2. Client management

While an online booking calendar is important, client management is a great feature to have. You can have individual profiles for each client or potential client and track their progress through your sales funnel. Each profile offers a reports log of all the classes the client bought. You can also track attendance and analyze which classes are more attractive for clients and which ones are not doing so well. With automation combined with CRM, you can also automatically send emails with promotions and discounts.

3. Communication and marketing

With appointment-focused tools, you need to link them to a third-party tool like Mailchimp in order to send emails. But, the best yoga studio management software must definitely offer email marketing tools. You can create email marketing campaigns, promote promotions and discounts, and seamlessly communicate with yoga instructors and clients all from one tool. A yoga studio software that offers class scheduling, CRM, and communication methods can help create a better bond with your clients.

4. Staff management

If you have a growing studio, you will have to hire more and more staff every day. Managing your employees can be done through a yoga studio management tool. You can take care of financial work like paying salaries and managing taxes and insurance. You can also use the tool to manage team communications. The tool also allows you to assign different tasks to the relevant staff.

5. Reports and analysis

All business management tools offer reports and analytics. Reports are important because you can keep track of your business growth. Now, the proficiency of the reporting feature differentiates between different tools. But you can decide on the software that offers the kind of reports that you need.

Now, with all that said, let’s get to the best part. I want to introduce you to the best yoga studio software. I made 4 different lists:

10 Best Yoga Studio Management Software

This first list is our top 10. These are generally the best tools you can choose from. I chose these based on the features they offer. You can compare them by features and prices.


RunSensible is an all-in-one business management tool. Basically, everything you need to run your yoga studio, no matter how big your business is, can be found on RunSensible’s dashboard. You can manage your clients and leads, create email marketing campaigns with the design studio, create landing pages for your website, and schedule all your classes with the online booking tool. All your employees can have their own profile on RunSenible, and you can easily assign tasks to them. You can customize everything on RunSensible; you can create different sales pipelines and automate your workflow. RunSensible focuses on offering the best of every feature so you can grow your yoga studio.

Price: 3 different plans starting from $24 per month.

Free trial/demo: Free trial plus demo upon request.


Arbox is a management tool best for yoga studios and fitness gyms. Their main features are solutions for easy clients and leads management, sales, marketing, and retaining members. You can use Arbox to connect your social media platforms to track marketing campaigns and manage leads. Arbox creates a dashboard for you to manage all your tasks. You also have a time tracking tool to manage your team members. One cool thing about Arbox is the automatic class check-in with a fob system integration.

Price: Quote available upon request.

Free trial/demo: Free demo upon request.


EZFacility is one of the best yoga studio software that focuses on scheduling, management, and membership systems. The main focus of EZFacility is on automation. They allow you to easily manage your yoga studio by automating most of your administrative work. They also offer a branded mobile app, payroll and commission tracking, merchant processing, and event registration like workshops and guest instructor classes for members and non-members.

Price: Quote available upon request.

Free trial/demo: Free demo upon request.


Mindbody is another yoga studio software that offers most of the features you need. If you are a growing business that regularly has new clients, Mindbody is the solution for you. Mindbody allows you to automatically send text messages and emails, offer promotions through the mobile app, and book new clients from wherever they search.

Price: Plans start from $129 per month.

Free trial/demo: Free demo upon request.


PerfectMind is a membership management tool that is not targeted at yoga studios, but you can use it for your yoga studio. Their key feature is automating administrative work. They also allow you to manage staff timesheets and payroll. You can use it to manage documents and contracts and also create booking and membership widgets for your website.

Price: Plans start from $105 per month.

Free trial/demo: Free demo upon request.


As you can guess by the name, Schedulicity is a scheduling app. Just like PerfectMind, Schedulicity is also not targeted at yoga studios, but it is a good solution if your main concerns are scheduling and payment management. They also do offer some levels of automation. One of their interesting features is the ability to make group bookings for clients to book classes with their friends.

Price: Free basic plan plus additional charges for add-ons.

Free trial/demo: N/A


StudioBookings is a great tool for fitness studios. You, as a yoga studio owner, can also take advantage of it. It is a simple tool that allows you to manage members, payments, and class registrations. You can also use it to manage staff and payroll, run member and attendee reports, and also set reminders for package renewals.

Price: Plans start from $25 per month.

Free trial/demo: Free 14-day trial.


WellnessLiving is another complete business solution for businesses focused on wellness, like fitness gyms, yoga studios, and dance studios. They offer features to make sure your yoga studio is running efficiently. For example, your clients are able to book classes directly from Google search results. You can offer virtual training and rent out yoga equipment. They also allow you to create a website.

Price: Plans start from $59 per month.

Free trial/demo: Free demo upon request.

Zen Planner

Zen Planner is a business management solution. Their mission is for fitness gyms and clubs to build a community and grow their business. They offer features like the ability to sell merchandise and track members’ workouts. I know this tool is again not targeted at yoga studios, but you can still use it to manage your business. One cool thing? They offer a whole different app specific for your staff.

Price: Plans start from $117 per month.

Free trial/demo: Free demo upon request.


Just like most of these tools, WildApricot is also a business management tool not specifically used by yoga studios. But, it’s a good tool if you value automation. They guarantee automation for most of your administrative work and also help with building a good relationship with your clients. You can use their drag-and-drop website studio to design your own website. They also offer an online store so you can sell merchants.

Price: Free basic plan plus plans that start from $48 per month.

Free trial/demo: Free demo upon request.

Best Yoga Studio Management Software for Personal Yoga Instructors

Our list is not finished yet. Different yoga studios require different software. For example, you, as an online yoga instructor, have different needs compared to a big yoga studio owner. The following are tools that work best for you based on:

What you need:

  • Online booking and payment
  • The ability to sell memberships, workshops, and ebooks
  • Marketing solutions like email marketing
  • An affordable tool

What you don’t need:

  • Advanced CRM
  • Staff reporting

Based on those requirements, here are the best yoga studio management softwares for you: is a great starter tool if you just started teaching yoga. It is also a useful tool for online instructors. It’s pretty affordable, starting from $10 a month plus also a free basic plan. It’s a very basic software only offering features useful for a new business, but if you want the full setup on your dashboard, you can purchase add-ons. Each of their plans offers you a range of add-ons you can buy. As for the basic plan, you get online class booking and payment, attendance tracking, and reminders, and you can create coupons to promote discounts.

One cool factor about is that you can get listed on their marketplace, the It’s a useful strategy to increase awareness about you, but it does not really increase sales.

Acuity Scheduling

Okay, so, there are three main reasons why I think Acuity is one of the best yoga studio management software for online yoga instructors:

  • It’s user-friendly
  • It’s affordable
  • It offers all the features an online yoga instructor needs

Their plans start at $15 monthly. Like their prices, the features they offer are pretty much the same offers. You can easily integrate it with Zoom and Google Meet and third-party tools like Mailchimp. Their platform is customizable both in terms of design and automation. Acuity does not offer tools like CRM, but as I just mentioned, you can sync it to most of the well-known third-party apps to get everything you need.

Although, if you need every feature a business management software offers, it gets a bit tough to manage Acuity. You have to buy all these different software and then sync them to Acuity to have a complete dashboard of all the features you need. That’s truly gonna cost you a lot of time and money. So you might as well go with an all-in-one tool like RunSensible.


Oh, here’s a familiar name! I’ve mentioned Schedulicity in our top 10 list. Schedulicity is a great software for online yoga instructors. Now, Schedulicity is a bit more complex and expensive than Acuity and They offer much more features and are a higher-end system. But for example, if you are looking for additional features like email marketing, then Schedulicity is a much better option, and well, the price is worth it.

Best Yoga Studio Management Software for Small Yoga Studio Owners

My second market-focused list is for single or small yoga studio owners. The softwares introduced below are better fit for small studios with virtual and in-person yoga classes. Still, affordability is a key yoga studio management software factor for small businesses. On top of that, here’s what more you would need:

  • Better employee/team management
  • Client management and CRM
  • Better software integration
  • Stronger marketing solutions

Here are our top picks for a small yoga studio owner:


Momoyoga is a dedicated yoga studio management software. The tool is created and designed in a way to give both the instructors and clients an easy user experience. The class management feature is probably the best feature of Momoyoga. It is detailed and offers all the statistics you need to know, like class numbers, attendees, no-shows, and so on. They are priced at $20 a month, but if you add more yoga instructors to it, you have to pay an additional $4 monthly per instructor. Momoyoga is easy to navigate through, but the booking process and payment are a bit too complicated compared to the rest of the software. Overall, it’s a good tool with a reasonable price.


Team up is a good yoga studio software for small and growing yoga studios. They offer essential tools like a powerful CRM, membership options, attendance management, and automated billing. They also offer features that allow you to sell pre-recorded online classes and ebooks. However, they do not offer all the additional tools you might need. For example, if you need email marketing solutions, you have to integrate it with other third-party tools. All in all, it’s a good tool. But, the prices starting at $59 per month are a bit high compared to other tools and considering the lack of additional features.


Vagaro offers the most impressive list of features compared to teamup and Momoyoga. It is also semi-affordable with a price of $25 per month for one instructor and an additional $10 per month per every added instructor. By using the app, you will get listed in the Vagaro marketplace, which, compared to, does actually help increase your sales. They also offer a website builder for an additional $10 a month, so if you don’t already have a website, you can invest in that. Although, you have to keep in mind that the website builder is not as strong and optional as WordPress. One huge downside to the website builder is that if for whatever reason, you ever decide to change your yoga studio management software, you have to say farewell to your website.

The Best Yoga Studio Management Software, Hands Down

So far, we know that if you are a small yoga studio owner or a solo yoga instructor, the key factors in choosing the best yoga studio software are:

  • Online booking
  • Class management
  • Communications (Phone and Text)
  • Invoicing and payment
  • CRM
  • Marketing solutions
  • Team management

RunSensible offers all of the above and so much more at an affordable price. Our focus is to help small business owners like you grow their businesses and thrive. Every feature on RunSensible is fully customizable to match your exact needs. You can create different sales pipelines and track how your classes and clients are doing. Our online booking and payment system is not only useful, it’s actually unique. You can automate pre and post-class booking processes like requesting payments and following up on them, collecting personal information with customized questionnaires, and marketing emails to promote other classes. There’s just so much you can do with RunSensible without the need for third-party integration!

Contact us today to get a free demo, or simply sign up to see it all yourself with our free trial!


How much does a yoga studio app cost?

Depending on the features and the brand, the price can be anywhere between $0.00 (free!) to $250 per month. RunSensible, for example, offers a free version for those starting out, as well as affordable premium plans.

Is yoga studio management software a free app?

Some companies offer free trials and some offer a free plan with in-app purchase options.

What is yoga studio software?

A yoga studio management software is a business management tool with features to help you run your yoga studio more effectively while saving time and money.

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