Great client service is the cornerstone of a successful law firm. You want clients to experience a seamless, efficient process from start to finish, and you want to ensure your staff members are responsive and knowledgeable about all aspects of your practice. However, providing great support means more than just answering phone calls; it also means making sure every aspect of the client’s needs are being met as efficiently as possible.

Important Law Firm Features

The following are some of the distinctive features that make your law firm stand out:

  • Case Completion
  • Case Management
  • Client Communication
  • Staff Management
  • Task Supervision
  • Task Completion

Case Completion

Case completion is an important aspect of any law firm, and it’s one that can be easily overlooked. If you’re not closing cases efficiently, your clients will feel frustrated and unsatisfied with their experience, your client satisfaction will be lowered and it will have negative impact on your reputation as a law firm; This makes case management a vital part of your firm, but we’ll get to that later.

Staff Management

  • Good Communication: There should be clear lines of communication in your law firm. This means that all staff members know who to go to with questions, what the office hours are, who their supervisor is, and how they can get in touch with them if necessary.
    Runsensible is integrated with an intuitive and affordable communication system that allows you to stay in touch with clients and staff members from anywhere at any time.
  • Clear Direction: The lawyers should be able to provide clear direction when it comes to projects or tasks that need to be done by each individual member of staff. This will give each person an idea of how much time they have available for other activities outside their job description (such as working on cases) so that there’s no confusion about when things need to be done by each person involved in any given project.
  • Clear Expectations: Staff Management is a part of management. Each employee should understand what is expected from them as part of their role within the company; this includes things such as punctuality, dress code, etc.

Staff Management relates directly back into task completion because these two concepts go hand-in-hand; without good staff members who complete tasks efficiently then there won’t be enough time left over for supervising other employees’ work assignments either externally through phone calls/emails…

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Client Communication

Client communication is yet another crucial part of providing quality legal services: if clients aren’t kept informed about what’s happening with their case(s), they may become frustrated by the lack of communication between themselves or their lawyer. Client communication takes many forms including phone calls/emails/letters/faxes etc, but whatever method you choose should ensure that each client gets sufficient information about their case(s). Case management refers specifically to how well you manage cases within your firm; if you don’t keep track of which cases need attention when, then things could get messy fast!

The key to building trust in your client relationships is through communication. Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, but it’s especially important when representing clients in matters related to legal issues.

As a lawyer, you must communicate effectively with your clients so they’re comfortable working with you and know what to expect from their case. The following tips will help ensure that each interaction between yourself and a client goes smoothly:

Transparency – Before taking on any case, make sure both parties agree on what services will be provided by the lawyer and when they will be delivered. Also, include information about billing rates or fees upfront so there are no surprises later on when payment becomes due.

  • Keep them informed throughout all stages of litigation.
  • Answer questions promptly and in plain english.
  • Be honest about where things stand at every stage of litigation. Don’t hide bad news from clients just because it’s inconvenient for everyone involved!

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Case Management

Case management is the process of managing a case from start to finish. It is important to have a system in place to track your cases and clients, as well as their associated documents. The first step in case management is identifying who has been assigned to each case, whether it be yourself or another attorney at your firm. Then you need to be able to keep track of all your cases, their status, and any documents related to them.

Case management is a system that helps to manage the workflow of a law firm. It helps lawyers and staff keep track of everything related to a case, including documents and correspondence with clients. Case management systems are used to organize and manage all aspects of a case, from intake through settlement or trial.
Runsensible CRM offers legal workflow automation from drafting emails to creating pre-built client intake forms, all of which can be programmed to be delivered automatically.


Task supervision is another vital skill for lawyers to have in order to provide excellent client service. Supervision involves checking in on projects regularly to ensure that they’re progressing as planned and meeting deadlines; This way, you’ll know if there are any issues or concerns before they become problems for the client.

Task Completion

Task Completion is a crucial element of any law firm, no matter how big or small. When it comes to task management, it’s important that you have processes in place that allow you to complete tasks effectively and efficiently. Meeting deadlines depends on:

Supervision – The ability to observe an employee’s work and ensure that they are doing their job correctly. However, be careful not to micromanage!

Task Management – The act of managing all aspects of a project; ensuring that deadlines are met, resources are allocated correctly, etc.

The Traits That Make a Law Firm Successful

  • Customer Service: It is perfectly clear that providing the best customer service is essential to building any successful business.
  • Effective Communication: Good communication with clients ensures that they are aware and happy with their case and trust your abilities as an attorney. This will allow you to Build Stronger Relationships with your clients.
  • Supervision: You must be able to oversee tasks well so that nothing falls through the cracks at work or home for your team members who may not be as attentive to detail as others might be.
  • Task Completion: If you don’t complete tasks on time, this can affect everyone else’s workflow since they’ll have more work than usual piled up on them because of yours being incomplete! It also shows potential clients how professional and efficient someone is at their job when they meet deadlines without any issues.

Better Client Support Makes Your Law Firm Special

Providing excellent client support is one of the best ways to make your law firm stand out. This can be done through:

  • Good Communication – Clients want to know that they are kept up-to-date with the status of their case, and they want to be able to reach someone if there’s an issue or question. Your firm should have a straightforward process for communicating with clients so that everyone knows who is responsible for what tasks, when those tasks need to be completed and why it matters.
  • Good Case Management Skills – This includes making sure tasks are completed on time; managing workloads so that staff don’t feel overwhelmed; keeping track of all relevant information.


In conclusion, we hope that this article has helped you understand the traits that make a law firm unique. As you can see, there are many different ways to stand out from your competition. While some may think that it’s only about providing excellent client support or completing tasks on time; others think it’s all about having an efficient case management system at their disposal. However, if there is one thing we know for sure: no matter how big or small your firm might be – these characteristics will always have their impact!


1. Is there a way to supervise my staff without wasting too much time?
Using a well-made CRM system, you can create, assign and supervise the progress of tasks with ease.

2. Are there any CRM systems that allow lawyers to communicate with clients?
Yes! Runsensible is a CRM software that is integrated with Twilio. A simple and cost-efficient communication system that allows you to stay in touch with your domestic and international clients.

3. Is there any way for CRM software to help me run my law firm more efficiently?
There are CRM software out there that are specifically designed for lawyers to have a more organized work environment which helps them save time, money and energy. Make sure to check out Runsensible’s Free Trial that offers all the features included in the full version.

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