I remember one of my friends, the managing director of a large corporation, used to say: “If I could transfer the information inside my mind to my sales experts, I would have much fewer problems because my experts do not have my understanding of customers and the market.” I remember him saying, “If I had noted down all of it somewhere, I could now transfer it to others and keep myself busy with more important management tasks with peace of mind.”

The first thing that this story brought to my mind was the role of writing notes and the history of contacts in Customer Relations Management software (CRM). This software precisely creates conditions in which you can, after contacting each sales lead, leave a note for your contact, communication outcomes, and record that contact in the “Activity” section of Run Sensible Software.

Over time, these notes will assist you and your other colleagues in establishing better customer relationships. Never forget the importance of these notes and records. These small writings may lead to impressive rewards for you and your business.

Record-keeping increases your knowledge appears more professional, and is more powerful regarding every contact, improving results every time. Let us review the key role of notes in a tangible example.

Imagine that you have contacted one of the directors of a company under consideration and intend to introduce and sell your services to him. You will note at first contact what personality type the director under consideration has and how to enter into negotiations with him/her. Is he serious? Is he witty? Does he have financial concerns? Is he seeking systemic order, and so on? Through these notes, you will be one step closer to establishing a strong relationship with him. In the subsequent contact, you or your colleagues will have the opportunity to get closer to him with the help of techniques of sales psychology and sell your services to him. In fact, it is these notes that guide you.

Customer Relations Management Software notes are considered a valuable mechanism for converting leads into opportunities, and opportunities into loyal customers. This plays a highly effective role in increasing customer loyalty. Certainly, jotting down these notes will take some of your time but do not forget – the result achieved is a huge step towards more sales and more success for your business.

In continuation, we will briefly explain three important rules of making notes in Customer Relationship Software (CRM).

  • Rule One: Initial Inclination

Was the first inclination to listen to your conversation present or not? To answer, first ask yourself Why? Your positive or negative answer may change the rules of writing notes. If the initial inclination was there, your contact may result in a personal visit and potentially, a sale. If there was no initial inclination, ask yourself: For what reason I was rejected? For this purpose, your notes will be especially important for your sales team because, in addition to determining your strategy at the time of contact, they will be used as samples of successful and unsuccessful conversations to teach others and future references.

  • Rule Two: Need

It is these notes that will indicate which of the needs you have addressed more and better over time. It is these notes that introduce your customers to you; through them, you can recognize which group has been more influenced by your marketing efforts. These notes can be used as an important gauge and slide rule for reviewing the market dimensions and your customers.

  • Rule Three: Sales Psychology

We are trying to understand our customers better, more precisely, and more professionally. The more existential experience we have in the world of sales and the more we strengthen the sales psychology in ourselves, the better results we will achieve. These experimental samples and other search samples will enable you from the first greeting when engaging your customers, and establishing firm strategies for successful negotiations.

Important Point: Never try to remember anything. Make careful notes in the heart of your Run Sensible software so you always have easy access to this valuable information.

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