Having loyal customers has always been the most important and key preoccupation for brands and establishments. Question is, what are the important factors for increasing customer loyalty? The 10 most important aspects of customer loyalty are listed below:

  • Prove Good Faith to Your Customers

All men, beyond the business atmosphere, will have a bad feeling if they are viewed as a tool to meet the temporary needs of others. The same thing happens in the business world, among the manufacturers or service providers and customers. Show your customers that they are especially important to you, irrespective of financial gain, that you value and respect the relationship. If your customers feel you only see them as moving banknotes, they will distance themselves from you. We point out that no relationship takes shape without considering profits. Even the sincerest friendships and relationships are based on common factors that have emotional, psychological benefits for all parties. However, never let your customers distrust your smile and friendship. The creation of this emotional space is because your customers consider you a friend and have “an enjoyable experience” When they purchase from you.

  • Overperform Than Promised

We always get excited with events that make us say “I could not have even imagined it.” This excitement could be negative causing anger, or positive causing joy. Try to exceed your customer’s expectations and provide more than you promised them. Do not spend much expense and time on these programs, sometimes a simple message of congratulations will impress a customer and they will never forget. An element of surprise always appeals to customers and indicates that you value them. Who wants to leave someone who loves them?

  • Do Not Disconnect Relations with Customers

Do not distance yourself from customers. Remember, your competitors are looking for these same distances to take your customers by making presentations and offering services. Occasionally, schedule time to communicate with your customers. A friendly message, sending of a unique discount code, inviting them to participate in a special customer celebration, sending gifts for occasions, etc, may shorten the distance between you both and discourage them from trying out your competitors. For this purpose, you can use appropriate customer relations management software.

  • Consider Why You Lost Your Previous Customers and Resolve the Issue

Occasionally, assign some time to analyze your previous customers and understand the reasons why they left you. Then take action to remedy those reasons. Likewise, identify the reasons for happiness and satisfaction in your satisfied customers and plan on this basis for the unsatisfied customers.

  • Personalize All Messages

When someone calls us by name, we listen more attentively; we will feel more positive about them. Always try to use this method when messaging and contacting your customers. This will have a positive effect in creating good business relationships and instill good feelings in your customers.

  • Create Easy Channels for Customer Relations with Your Establishment

Your customers will have more sense of security and peace of mind when they feel they can make quick and transparent contact with your establishment. Accordingly, try to make maximum effort, both in terms of technique and content, to create easy channels for customer relations with your business.

  • Do Not Forget Customer Loyalty Campaigns

Encouragement campaigns always play a positive role in gaining customer loyalty. Special offer on services to members, rewards systems, discounts on special occasions, cooperation with other establishments, are several such programs. Your customers should always feel they are being involved and loyalty campaigns strengthen this process.

  • Be Trustworthy and Keep Your Promises

If you make a promise, fulfill it. Nothing will keep your customers apart from you other than a broken promise. If you cannot fulfill your promise for whatever reason, explain to your customer in a transparent way and apologize to them.

  • Gamification Always Works

Who does not like to play? Millions of years of human life tell us that we love to play; games play a key role in various moments of our lives. A good game can always make a person feel good. A player never forgets who made him feel good.

  • Storytelling Performs Miracles for You

All of us, like our forefathers, enjoy sitting by the fireside under a starry sky with other tribe members. Listening to stories by the elder of the tribe. Probably right now, when you read this sentence, you felt a good feeling within. Similarly, your customers will enjoy listening to a beautiful story about your brand. Storytelling can perform miracles for you. The better the story you tell and the better the storyteller you are, the more you will increase your loyal customer base.


Gaining customer loyalty can be explained in one short sentence: Creating good and sincere feelings in the hearts of customers such that they see themselves as your friends by your side – not more, not less. Certainly, the creation of such an atmosphere requires intelligence and a higher understanding of customer experience management under the shadow of a uniform and balanced management system. Do not forget that if one of the tires of your customer relationship management automobile is punctured, efforts made by other members will not be as effective and you will always limp. In conclusion, you need to think deeply about “good feeling” which has been repeated time and again in this article, because it is the most central element in gaining and maintaining customer loyalty.

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