Being the most fortunate during the most unfortunate events

The emergence of a pandemic with a significant impact on people and their businesses has made us believe that 2020 was a year not like any year before. From the beginning of 2021, we all are hoping as this deadly virus fades into history, everything gets back to normal again. However, we all know that the normal we used to know will only engrave and rest in memories, not in reality.

No one has ever trained us to be a warrior in life, how to survive, how to deal with loss, or how to save our business. Since the appearance of the pandemic, we have all been doing our best to emerge from it even more robust by taking “No Regret” actions in each case, especially in our businesses.  As every cloud has a silver lining, Covid-19 is leaving us with strengthened infrastructure, reminding us of the importance of communication. We have been intrigued to focus on and implement new business ideas, which leads us to be more digitalized in a short time regardless of failure. After all, it’s all about survival.

Post-Pandemic Era

Although there are still countries fighting the pandemic, fortunately, the viral-spread curve is downtrend to be flattened around the globe hopefully. In the post-pandemic era, everything is possible. While people are adapting to remote work, E-commerce is soaring, and automation is accelerating, we don’t expect to get back to daily office work. Let’s not forget the fact that many relationships inside organizations are already pre-existed based on trust. Building trust with newcomers that you have never met is one thing; getting them on board is a different story. Isaac Stern, an American musician, once said: “Music is the thousandth of a millisecond between one note and another; how you get from one to the other – that’s where the music is.” That analogy also holds for trust; trust is built in the consistency of social interactions between meetings while eating lunch and with every small talk we have with our coworkers from time to time. Accordingly, we cannot eliminate offices; we need to meet to nurture trust and attract newcomers on board from time to time. In this light, the need for CRM is felt more than ever to organize the sales funnel while keeping each team member updated.

How RunSensible is helping you through the post-pandemic era?

As you know, businesses are facing unique challenges not experienced before. There have been pandemics in the past, but none in the technological era. We didn’t expect nor prepare for a pandemic, but luckily, technology has thrived in pandemics, and it has come to the rescue.

    • Organize your business: To make pizza, you put all ingredients on the bread and put it in the oven. Each element does its task, adding a taste, but the outcome is simply a “Pizza”. That is how neat the “job section” in RunSensible is. Job defines a project that can be “making pizza”, assigning each task to the relevant team (e.g., buying ingredients, preparing the toppings, washing the dishes, etc.), and combining each task with its due dates and assignees.
      What is the benefit? All your teams and their members will always stay up to date on their duty and their due dates. Plus, you can give portal access to the customers with a project based on their demand and let them observe and stay up to date.
    • Stay available, stay in touch: Understandably, brands do not want their ads to be next to bad news. Although unimpressive information during or even after a pandemic is inevitable, being invisible could harm even more than having ads in a hostile atmosphere. We tried our best to virtually reduce the distance between you and your customers by offering you the benefit of automation. Define several e-mail contents for different occasions in addition to newsletters sent on a timely basis. For starters, it could be about how you are at their service regardless of COVID-19, or even a simple greetings e-mail scheduled to send at the right time. Plus, you can make as many segmentations as you need to divide your leads/contacts to send more personal e-mails, such as a “Happy Birthday” note, to keep your relationship unique and fresh.
      What is the benefit? Keeping your relationship with customers individually based on their interests and personalities is the first key to success. While everything is swirling around “relationships”, we have provided a platform to feed your relationships by sending timely and exclusive e-mails.
    • Get paid regularly by notifying your customers on time: Due to the negative impact of COVID-19 on economics, the installment purchase system has become even more common than before. Keeping track of payments and installments and notifying customers with past due payments requires attentive accuracy. Therefore, we added a quotes/invoices section to RunSensible to address and cover each aspect of a sales journey, from the initial touch to closing deals and payments.
      What is the benefit? As said before, you can easily define pre-written e-mails scheduled to send to notify customers of due dates, warn them of payments in arrears or remind them of paying their installments in a timely fashion.
    • Make a sales strategy (Opportunity): What is your sales strategy? Would you rather invite your customers for a presentation first? Or would you make an appointment? Nonetheless, whatever your method, implement it in RunSensible by creating a pipeline. Make an opportunity for your customer under a pre-defined pipeline to track the stages done and the one(s) that remained to do
      What is the benefit? Not all your sales are simultaneously on the same stage. The opportunity section informs you of the exact situation each customer is in individually. Plus, we don’t expect you to operate based on one strategy. Although we set some default stages for your convenience, you can easily define different pipelines with customizable stages. You can choose the proper pipeline for each opportunity with a customer

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