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What were the consequences,
when you last forgot an appointment?

Away with the back-and-forth!

Set up your calendar, email the link, and see how easy it is to schedule and manage appointments: no more time-consuming calls, emails, or text messages.

A new way to call someone to a meeting!

Book appointments and schedule meetings efficiently. Place a form on your website for clients to schedule appointments or book them yourself. No more excessive communications for booking appointments; easily schedule them in just a few clicks. We call this new way “Invite to Meet”. Turn time into money and grow your business.

Notifications and reminders

Seamless Communication! Stay in touch with your clients;
once a time is booked, a confirmation email will be automatically sent, and your Google Calendar will be updated accordingly.


Know your clients!

Store and organize all documents in contacts, leads, and organization sections.

Booking Page

Make your appointment form and add it to your website.
Configure and preview the form to ensure it has the right look and feel.

Two-way Calendar Sync

Sync calendar with Google Workspace / G Suite or Office 365.

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