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Business Phone Solutions

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Business by the Numbers

Integrated Business Phone

Organize your calls and save time by integrating all the calls you and your team make using RunSensible’s Business Phone solutions.
Make your calls right from RunSensible with our Integrated Business Phone. Keep all your communications organized and ensure call quality. Your customers and contacts will see your own phone number on their phone, but we’ll use our communication infrastructure to make your business call.

What is it?

The Integrated Business Phone is a solution that lets you make your sales calls from RunSensible’s platform but have them appear under your own number. That means your contacts will see your number and you will be able to keep all your communications in one place and define better workflows.

When to Choose the Integrated Business Phone?

When you’re an entrepreneur or running a one-person business, your customers will already by familiar with your phone number and have your number in their contacts.

Running a business built chiefly on personal connections, trust, and word of mouth means you have to be visible and reliable, and nothing promotes that more than an integrated business phone.

Integrated Business Phone

Business Phone Solutions for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

All Calls by All Employees through a Dedicated Phone Number

Dedicated Business Phone

Get a dedicated business phone number right from your RunSensible dashboard and turn it into a powerful tool for your business.

What is it?

RunSensible’s Dedicated Business Phone is an integrated communications solution that basically lets you choose a phone number for your business right from your dashboard. RunSensible automatically connects that phone number to your platform, meaning you and all your employees will be able to use the business phone using the mobile app and the cloud version. Since this solution is native to RunSensible, you can easily integrate calls into all other tools. Use calls as part of your workflow and track their results or connect them to your appointment calendar to make scheduling even easier.

When to Choose the Integrated Business Phone?

You take your business seriously, and that should show. That means creating a stable, independent image for your business. For example, using your personal phone number for business may have some advantages but it doesn’t inspire the same level of trust as a dedicated phone line. The same is true when you have a team connecting to leads directly through half a dozen different phone numbers. Presenting a united front will strengthen your brand image and show everyone how professional and serious you really are.

When you’re managing a team of on-site service providers, how you handle communications becomes crucial. Your employees will have to contact your customers and that’s where a Dedicated Business Phone proves indispensable. Having your employees use their personal phone lines to contact your customers can lead to some unexpected results. At the very least, you’ll find it very challenging to keep track of all the communications and how they impact your customer relations. There is also the risk of losing customers to employees who want to go freelance or start their own businesses. Using RunSensible’s Dedicated Business Phone ensures all communications go through your platform, with employees and customers alike using the dedicated phone number to connect.

Handle Calls on an Actual Phone, Track Them on Your Platform

Unlike Twilio and some other major business phone providers, RunSensible lets you hook up your Dedicated Business Phone to actual telephones on your desk!

Handle Calls on an Actual Phone
Call Pickup Policy

Call Pickup Policy

Decide who gets to pick up the call first. Are you handling incoming calls yourself? Do you want your office administrator to answer it first? What about transferring it to your sales rep when the office administrator is unable to pick up after three rings? Done, done, and done!

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