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Organize your client information, market your services and products, manage your sales team and stay connected to your customers. Make your business customer-centric and keep customer loyalty rates high.

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Customer Relationship Management

No chance any leads will get off the hook!

Imagine the luxury of having all your client activity and communications in one place. Our easy-to-use system will give you the time-saving advantage to manage, follow up, update client records, and collect payments in one spot, thus freeing up your valuable time to focus on other areas to grow your business!

Simple is best

With just a few clicks and some added filters you can automatically customize your contacts exactly how you want it. Organizing your contacts can help you locate specific groups of customers with ease.

filter data

Customer based experience

The only way your company will differentiate Itself is if the ideals of your organization align closely with the brand that is promised to customers. By storing all your contacts, notes, and key documents in one place, you will have all the necessary information about every customer right at your fingertips.

Sales Pipeline Management

Sales pipelines are fully customizable, so once you define your sales process, it shouldn’t take too much time and effort to start mirroring it in the CRM. We understand that every business sells its product differently and it is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. That is why you can customize your sales pipeline how you see fit.

Segment your market!

Segmentation helps you target, and most importantly personalize your message to your leads and customers. Identify valuable opportunities to target and categorize your leads quickly.

Document Library

Store and organize all of your documents, in contacts, and leads, with categorized sections.

Web Forms

Capture leads from your website through the web form. RunSensible web-to-lead form feature helps you continuously gather new leads.

Alerts & Notifications

Set reminder dates to ensure you follow up with your clients in a timely fashion.

Pipeline Report

An easy way to analyze your sales pipeline, and discover reasons for any losses. A grid representation of your sales pipeline helps you identify where to focus your attention.

Customer Profile

Contact management takes care of tracking all of your customer’s, vendor’s and, individual’s information and communications – all in one place.

Sales Goal Tracking

Monitoring activity by user helps you gain greater insight into your team’s progress. As a manager, an overview of each user allows you to offer targeted coaching and mentoring to your sales team.

Goal Tracking

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