Automation in
Marketing & Sales

The automation tool of RunSensible was structured to help you increase your sales significantly. Automation will do away with all the repetitive work in processing your business management, giving you the benefit of saving ample time.
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Automation helps you sell more in less time!

What is Automation?

Automation is essentially a set of steps that you use to complete an active, scheduled job. Many marketing and sales teams automate time-consuming processes like email marketing, creating tasks, and even ad campaigns, not only to save time but also to create a more personalised experience for their clients.

Save time and grow with easy automation!

Automation is at work even when you are asleep! Send pre-written emails automatically, track outstanding invoices, and much more!

It’s easy to see how all your automations work together.

Take leads from contact form to appointment booked, without you doing a thing.

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