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Actio personalis moritur cum persona

“Actio personalis moritur cum persona” is a Latin legal maxim that means “a personal right of action dies with the person.” This principle implies that certain legal claims or causes of action end when the person who had the right to initiate or pursue them passes away.

In essence, if an individual has a personal claim or right of action and they die, that right usually cannot be transferred or pursued by their heirs or representatives. This concept is especially relevant in tort law, where personal injuries or damages sustained by an individual may give rise to a legal action. If the injured person dies, their personal right to sue for those injuries would typically terminate.

Some jurisdictions may have exceptions or modifications to this rule, and certain types of claims may survive the death of the individual. Legal systems may also allow for the continuation of certain claims through the deceased person’s estate or by enabling certain family members to bring a wrongful death action.

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