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An alias is a name used instead of someone’s real name, or as a shorthand or alternative name for a thing, place, or concept. Here are a few contexts in which the term “alias” is used:

Personal Names: Legal Name Changes: People can legally change their names, and the new name becomes their legal alias. Pseudonyms or Pen Names: Artists, authors, and musicians often use aliases or pseudonyms as alternative names for their work.

Online Identities: Usernames: People often use aliases or usernames instead of their real names when they are online for privacy or personal preference.

Email Addresses: Some people use aliases when creating email accounts for various purposes.

Law Enforcement and Espionage: Criminal Aliases: In criminal investigations, law enforcement may refer to a suspect by an alias if the person is known to use multiple names. Spy Identities: Spies or undercover agents may use aliases to protect their true identities.

In general, an alias serves as a substitute or alternative name, and its use depends on the context in which it is applied.

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