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“Assumpsit” is a legal term originating from Latin and used in common law jurisdictions. It is a type of legal action that is taken in contract law, specifically for the recovery of damages due to a breach of contract or a wrongful promise. The term “assumpsit” comes from the Latin phrase “assumpsit,” which means “he/she undertook” or “he/she promised.”

In the context of contract law, when someone files an action in assumpsit, they are essentially claiming that the defendant has failed to fulfill a promise or obligation outlined in a contract, either expressly or impliedly. Assumpsit allows for the recovery of monetary damages resulting from the breach of contract.

Modern contract law has evolved, and many legal systems have merged different types of actions, including actions in contract and tort, under the umbrella of “breach of contract.” The terminology may vary by jurisdiction, and some jurisdictions may not use the term “assumpsit” explicitly in their legal proceedings.

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