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Consensus is a term used to describe a general agreement or widespread acceptance among a group of people regarding a particular idea, decision, or course of action. This term is often used in the context of decision-making, especially in group settings, where individuals with different perspectives and opinions strive to reach a common agreement.

Consensus, in a legal context, refers to the agreement or mutual assent of parties involved in a legal contract, negotiation, or settlement. It denotes that all the relevant parties have reached an understanding and accepted the terms, conditions, or resolutions proposed within the legal framework. Consensus is a fundamental aspect of contract law and dispute resolution in numerous legal systems. It ensures that agreements are entered into voluntarily and with a clear understanding of the consequences.

It plays a critical role in contract law, dispute resolution, and various other areas of the legal system to ensure that legal agreements are valid, enforceable, and reflective of the intentions of the parties involved.

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