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Ejusdem generis

“Ejusdem generis” is a Latin legal term that translates to “of the same kind” in English. It is a principle of statutory interpretation used in legal contexts, especially in the interpretation of contracts and statutes. This principle is applied when a list of specific items is followed by more general terms. In such cases, the general terms are interpreted to be of the same kind or nature as the specific items listed. This helps to avoid giving the general terms an overly broad interpretation.

For instance, if a law stated that “no vehicles, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles, are allowed in the park,” the principle of ejusdem generis would suggest that the general term “vehicles” should be interpreted in the context of the specific examples provided (cars, trucks, motorcycles) and would likely exclude other types of vehicles, such as bicycles or skateboards.

This principle ensures that the legislative intent is followed, and that the law is interpreted consistently and sensibly.

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