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Ex parte

“Ex parte” is a legal term in Latin that refers to acting “on behalf of one party.” It is frequently used in legal proceedings and court orders. An ex parte communication or application is one that is made by or for only one party to a legal proceeding, without notifying or involving the other party.

In legal terms, an ex parte decision or order is usually made in emergency situations or when waiting for a response from the other party could lead to irreparable harm. However, such orders are often viewed with caution because they may not allow for a fair and balanced consideration of arguments from both sides.

For example, an ex parte restraining order may be issued to safeguard someone from immediate harm without giving advance notice to the alleged perpetrator. The party requesting the ex parte order usually has to demonstrate to the court that there is an urgent need for immediate action and that waiting for the other party’s input could be detrimental.

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