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Intra vires

The term “intra vires” is a Latin legal phrase that means “within the powers.” This term is commonly used in administrative law and corporate law to refer to actions or decisions made by an individual or an organization that fall within their legal authority or jurisdiction. When a decision or action is described as “intra vires,” it means that it falls within the scope of the powers or authority granted to that individual or entity by law or by its governing documents, such as a corporation’s articles of incorporation or bylaws.

On the other hand, the opposite of “intra vires” is “ultra vires,” which means “beyond the powers.” This term is used to describe actions or decisions that exceed the legal authority or powers granted to an individual or entity. Such actions are generally considered invalid or unlawful.

In summary, “intra vires” indicates that something is done within the legal framework or authority, while “ultra vires” suggests that it goes beyond what is legally permitted or authorized.

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