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Jus civile

“Jus civile” is a Latin term that means “civil law” in English. Civil law is a legal system that is primarily based on written laws and statutes, as opposed to common law systems, which rely more on judicial precedent and case law. Civil law systems are prevalent in many countries around the world, including numerous European and Latin American nations.

Civil law encompasses various areas of law, such as contract law, property law, family law, tort law, and more. It provides a framework for resolving disputes between individuals, organizations, or entities in a non-criminal context. On the other hand, criminal law deals with offenses against the state and usually involves the prosecution of individuals accused of committing crimes.

It’s important to note that the term “jus civile” is most commonly associated with the Roman legal system and its development over time. Roman civil law, or “jus civile,” significantly influenced the development of modern civil law systems in many parts of the world.

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