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Jus naturale

Jus naturale” is a Latin term that means “natural law” in English. It is a concept in philosophy and law that suggests that there are certain fundamental principles of morality, justice, and ethics that exist inherently in nature and are applicable to all human beings. Natural law is different from positive law, which refers to the laws and regulations created by human authorities.

The idea of natural law has been influential in various philosophical and legal traditions throughout history. Those who believe in natural law argue that these fundamental principles are discoverable through reason and can serve as a foundation for ethical and legal systems. Natural law has played an important role in the development of ethical and legal theories, including those of philosophers such as Thomas Aquinas and John Locke.

However, there is ongoing debate and disagreement about the specifics of natural law and how it should be applied in practice. This has led to various interpretations and disagreements over time.

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