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Jus tertii

“Jus tertii” is a Latin term that means “right of a third party” in English. It is a legal concept that refers to a situation where a person who is not involved in a legal case or contract asserts their rights or interests in the matter.

In such cases, the third party claims that their rights are affected by the outcome of the case or the terms of the contract, and they seek to be heard or have their rights protected. For instance, if two parties are involved in a contract, and a third party believes that the contract will negatively impact their rights or interests, they may assert the “jus tertii” and seek to intervene or challenge the contract in court.

The specific rules and procedures regarding “jus tertii” may vary depending on the legal system and the nature of the case or contract in question. It is a legal principle that is often invoked in situations where the rights of non-parties may be affected, and it allows those third parties to assert their interests in the legal proceedings.

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