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Lex loci

“Lex loci” is a legal term from Latin, which means “law of the place” or “law of the location.” In legal matters, it refers to the principle that the legal rights and obligations of individuals or entities involved in a dispute are governed by the laws of the specific geographic location or jurisdiction where the events leading to the dispute occurred. In simple terms, it means that the local laws of the relevant location or place govern the legal issues in a particular case.

For example, if two parties in a specific state or country have a contract dispute, the “lex loci” principle would generally dictate that the laws of that state or country should be used to determine the rights and obligations of the parties under the contract.

In conflicts of laws or choice of law cases, the courts may need to consider which jurisdiction’s laws should apply, and “lex loci” can be one of the factors considered when making that determination.

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