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Lis pendens

Lis pendens is a legal term originating from Latin, which means “pending lawsuit” or “pending litigation” in English. This notice is filed in the public records of a county or jurisdiction where real estate property is situated. It serves as an indication that there is an ongoing legal action or lawsuit that could impact the title or ownership of the property in question.

The primary objective of filing a lis pendens notice is to inform potential buyers or other interested parties about the unresolved legal dispute related to the property. The notice can prevent the owner of the property from selling or transferring it to someone else until the lawsuit is resolved. This is because it alerts potential buyers or lenders to the potential risks associated with the property’s ownership.

Lis pendens is frequently used in real estate disputes, such as property boundary disputes, foreclosure cases, or disputes over ownership rights. It serves to protect the interests of the parties involved in the lawsuit and provides transparency to those who may be interested in the property.

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