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Process Server

A process server is a person or company responsible for delivering legal documents to an individual involved in a court case. The main role of a process server is to ensure that due process is followed, meaning that all parties involved in a legal action have been properly notified and given the opportunity to respond.

The most common task of a process server is to deliver legal documents to the individuals involved in a court case. These documents could include subpoenas, summons, complaints, and other legal notifications.

Process servers must adhere to specific legal procedures and guidelines when delivering documents. This often includes delivering the documents directly to the individual named in the papers, verifying their identity, and providing proof of service.

After serving the documents, the process server typically completes an affidavit of service. This document is a sworn statement that details the time, date, location, and method of service. It serves as proof that the legal documents were delivered.

In some cases, individuals may try to avoid being served. Process servers may need to use investigative techniques to locate and serve the intended recipient. They should conduct themselves professionally and discreetly. They often need to approach individuals in various settings and should be skilled in handling potentially sensitive situations.

While process servers are not attorneys, they should have a basic understanding of relevant laws and regulations related to serving legal documents in the jurisdictions where they operate.

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