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A subpoena is a legal document that requires an individual to either appear in court as a witness or produce certain documents or evidence. This document is usually issued by a court, government agency, or an attorney and is used during the legal process to gather information that is relevant to a case.

There are two types of subpoenas:

  1. Subpoena ad testificandum: This type of subpoena requires the recipient to appear in court and provide information or answer questions related to a case.
  2. Subpoena duces tecum: This type of subpoena requires the recipient to produce documents, records, or other tangible evidence in their possession that is relevant to a legal proceeding.

Recipients of subpoenas have the right to challenge or quash them. Common reasons for challenging a subpoena include claims of privilege, undue burden, or lack of relevance.

If an individual fails to comply with a subpoena, they may face legal consequences such as contempt of court charges. However, recipients of subpoenas can challenge or quash them if they believe them to be unreasonable or if they have valid legal reasons for not complying.

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