Personal Injury Law

As a personal injury lawyer, you’re dedicated to guiding clients through the claims process as they work toward recovery. With RunSensible’s software, you can effortlessly manage all of their important documents and communications, freeing up your time to provide top-notch support to your clients.

Personal Injury Law

Make personal injury client intake simpler and more efficient

Modify your intake forms to match your specific needs

RunSensible offers customizable intake forms that are tailored to your different types of personal injury cases, including workplace injuries, automobile accidents, and medical malpractice cases.

Provide the flexibility for new clients to complete their intake from any location

Provide personal injury clients with the ease and convenience of completing the intake process from the comfort of their own homes using online intake and e-signatures.

Lay a foundation of clear communication from the start

Deliver a personalized touch with automated communications for new personal injury clients. Specify the frequency of updates and billing procedures to manage expectations effectively.

Organize your personal injury cases for a smoother legal process

Maintain a comprehensive record of everything you require to build a robust personal injury case.

Keep a watchful eye on critical personal injury case details

Take control of your personal injury cases in RunSensible by creating custom fields that help you track crucial information like insurance claim numbers, opposing parties, and incident dates.

Quickly and easily create personal injury case documents

Save time and improve accuracy by integrating custom field information into your templates, allowing for the automatic creation of vital personal injury case documents such as complaints, discovery requests and responses, and requests for medical records.

Stay up-to-date on the status of every individual connected to a personal injury case

Save time and reduce stress in your client’s personal injury case by utilizing RunSensible’s contact organization feature to manage all involved parties, including adjusters, physicians, and more.

Organize all the documents needed for each case

Take the hassle out of file management using RunSensible to store medical reports, incident photos, videos, and letters. If you prefer, you can also leverage our document storage integration partners like Box or Dropbox.

Stay Ahead Of Critical Case Deadlines

Stay on top of critical deadlines in personal injury cases with the help of automated event creation and personalized reminders.


Stay on top of essential deadlines

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually tracking personal injury case deadlines. With Court Rules in RunSensible, you can automate the creation of calendar events based on rules from hundreds of US courts. Never miss an important date again, including your case’s statute of limitations, which can be set with a custom reminder.

Keep a close eye on essential to-dos

Design detailed and tailored Task Lists leading up to key personal injury case deadlines, equipping your team with a thorough understanding of what they need to do and when ultimately resulting in the best possible results for your clients.

Stay ahead of your busy schedule

Take control of your schedule with our personalized calendar system for tracking personal injury cases. Stay on top of deadlines and meetings with custom reminders and automatic Office 365 or Google Calendar updates.

Facilitate Streamlined Communication With Clients

Manage all aspects of communication and documentation with clients, opposing parties, and adjusters seamlessly and with perfect organization.

Timely and confidential sharing of updates and documents

Our top-notch service ensures that you receive timely updates on the development of your personal injury case, securely exchange sensitive documents, and empower your family members to monitor progress themselves via our secure online portal.

Foster client engagement through diverse channels of communication

Revolutionize the way you communicate with clients by integrating RunSensible with virtual receptionist providers like Ruby Receptionist or business text messaging solutions like Zipwhip.

Effortlessly link emails to their respective cases

Never miss a beat again with RunSensible’s seamless integration with Outlook and Gmail.

Facilitate Streamlined Communication With Clients