How long is the Trial and how does it works?2022-08-26T02:24:41+00:00

All plans have a 14 days free trial period. Starting a trial period does not require a card. Once you’ve started the trial period, the Billing & Subscriptions page will display the trial expiration date. If you want to continue using the service after finishing the trial, activate the subscription by clicking on the ‘Upgrade button. 

How do I add a task within RunSensible CRM?2022-04-25T03:41:49+00:00

We’ve made it easy to create and track your tasks. Simply navigate to the Tasks tab, click “New” and fill in the form as required.

What are Sales Pipelines?2022-04-25T03:41:49+00:00

RunSensible makes it easy to create customized sales pipelines. Our sales pipelines offer a visual representation that help you identify exactly where each sales prospect is in the predefined sales process. A pipeline can also be used by management to view the progress of their team in reaching monthly and yearly goals.

How do I use a webform to capture leads or contacts?2022-06-15T05:56:14+00:00

Log in and navigate to Settings; Customize; Web To Lead, click “Add” and create your own customized web to lead form.

How do I change the email address associated with my account?2022-08-26T02:25:53+00:00

In order to change the email associated with your account, you will have to log in and navigate to Settings, Account Management My Profile, and edit your email address within your profile.

How do I contact someone for help?2022-04-25T03:41:48+00:00

Check the help section for answers to our most common questions. If you haven’t found the answer to your question you can start a chat with us – the chat box should appear on the lower right-hand corner of your page when visiting runsensible.com

How do I import data into the RunSensible CRM?2022-04-25T03:41:48+00:00

Navigate to Settings > Import > Import Data. Choose from the drop-down menu what type of data you would like to import, upload a file or sign in to your email account. Once you’ve chosen where to import your data from, you will be asked to map the columns and finalize the import.

Once you click on the import option you will be asked what type of data you want to import (e.g. person, lead, company). Once you have made the correct selection you are then presented with an option to upload the file containing the data you wish to import. From here all you have to do is click Upload File button, navigate to where the file is stored and then click okay. Your data will then be imported.

What is RunSensible CRM?2022-04-25T03:41:48+00:00

RunSensible CRM is a simple and easy to use customer relationship management solution. It allows you to manage your leads effectively in order to increase sales whilst ensuring that all your information is securely stored in one central location.

How do I subscribe to Add-ons?2022-04-25T03:41:47+00:00

Please login to RunSensible, click on the ‘Upgrade’ button in the top menu bar. Choose the plan you like, click on the upgrade button and follow the instructions. For more details, please refer to the article. 

What is the best way to create and manage leads?2022-04-25T03:41:49+00:00

The best way to create a lead is to navigate to the leads tab, click “New” and fill in the form as required, click “show more” to enter more information which will make searching for this lead easier. From there you can also add a tag. Adding a tag can help you manage your leads in a more efficient manner – by grouping your leads into different categories.

How do I activate the subscription?2022-04-25T03:41:47+00:00

Upon starting a trial, you can either upgrade the subscription immediately or after the end of the trial period. During the subscription activation, you will be asked to provide your payment card details. 

What form of payment is accepted?2022-04-25T03:41:47+00:00

We accept creditdebit cards and Paypal. Currently, we only accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover, and JCB cards. Users from the USA, Canada, and Japan can use American Express (Amex) cards. 

If you do not have a card, you may pay by wire bank transfers. However, we only accept wire bank transfer for six months or annual subscriptions. Please note that all bank fees must be paid by the sender. If you would like to pay by a bank transfer, please contact the support team and we will send you the proforma invoice. 

Can I try different plans during my trial?2022-04-25T03:41:47+00:00

Users can easily upgrade and downgrade between plans. Simply click on your profile in the upper right corner of your screen. When downgrading, excess funds will remain as credit. Switching between plans can be done at any time in the billing cycle. 

Can my co-workers join my free trial?2022-04-25T03:41:46+00:00

Yes, you can invite as many people as you want to join your RunSensible trial. Simply click on your profile in the top right corner of your screen, click on settings and then click on User Management and select “Add user”. 

Will my data be safe?2022-04-25T03:41:46+00:00

Protecting your business data is one of our highest priorities. Learn more about our security standards. 

How can I contact customer support?2022-04-25T03:41:46+00:00

Our friendly support team is ready to help.  

How can I cancel my subscription?2022-04-25T03:41:45+00:00

For your convenience, your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of the billing period. You can easily cancel your subscription at any time. 

Follow these easy steps to cancel a subscription: 

  1. Login to the RunSensible with the account owner’s email and password. 
  2. Go to Settings and then to Billing & Subscriptions section.
  3. Click the Cancel my Subscription button. 

Any remaining balance will be converted to a credit, which can be used to pay for future subscriptions. 

How does RunSensible comply with Goolge Privacy and Policy?2022-04-25T03:42:49+00:00

RunSensible use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

How do I create a new email template?2022-06-15T05:57:38+00:00

Navigate to Settings; Emails; Email Template, and click on “Add Template.” Write the email as needed and use the @ symbol to use any custom fields. For example, “Hi @FirstName” would automatically input the recipient’s first name. Click “Save” and the creation of your email template is complete.

How do I print an Invoice or Quote?2022-04-25T03:41:50+00:00

It’s easy to print an individual invoice or quote. All you have to do is navigate to the record you want to print, click “Preview” in the upper right-hand corner and click “Print”.

What are RunSensible CRM tags?2022-04-25T03:41:50+00:00

RunSensible’s CRM has a built-in tag feature. Tags are an efficient way of categorizing and organizing records. For example, you can tag certain records as “Big City Deals” or “France Leads”, you can add as many tags as you like to each item.

How to add a tag within RunSensible CRM?2022-04-25T03:42:47+00:00

There are two main ways to add a tag. The first way is to add it when you create a new record. In this case you simply fill in the tag before you save the New Contact details.

There will also be instances when you need to add a tag to an existing contact. In this case, navigate to the record in question and then add the tag in the Assigned Tags box. This record can then be retrieved at a later date using the tag search feature.

What is the board view?2022-04-25T03:42:47+00:00

Board view is a visual management system. It is card based and depending on what section you are in, e.g. leads, opportunities, etc. it shows the relevant information split visually across the individual elements of the sales pipeline.

What are Dashboards?2022-04-25T03:42:47+00:00

The dashboard provides you with an instant view of various metrics measuring your activities and performance in real-time. This allows you to present your data, gain a new perspective on your business, and share information with your team.

What are the default fields in RunSensible CRM?2022-04-25T03:42:47+00:00

The default fields in different categories cannot be modified or removed, they have a lock icon.

How to configure roles and manage users using the advanced permissions feature?2022-08-26T02:27:30+00:00

To configure roles using the advanced permissions feature you will have to navigate to Settings; Users; User Management and then click on “Permissions”. Here you will be able to define the permissions for each user.

How do I add a new user?2022-08-26T02:28:16+00:00

Our user management system makes it easy to add users.  Simply navigate to Settings ; Users; User Management, type in the person’s name and email address and click “Add User”.

How do I delete a user?2022-08-26T02:28:54+00:00

Simply navigate to Settings ; Users; User Management, and click “Remove” next to the desired user’s name.

How do I change my subscription plan?2022-08-26T02:29:33+00:00

You can upgrade or downgrade your account from the main user settings menu. On the upper right-hand side of the screen click your profile icon and click “Subscription”. If you have an active subscription and choose to downgrade your account, it will be downgraded on the next billing cycle.

How do I cancel or delete my account?2022-08-26T02:30:47+00:00

In order to delete or close your account, navigate to Settings; Account Management; My Profile, and from here you will see a tab “Close Account”, enter your password and click “Close Account”.

However, please be aware as per our terms of service if you have paid for a monthly or annual subscription there will be no refund issued as per our terms and service, no further payments will be charged in the future.

I forgot my password. What should I do?2022-04-25T03:42:49+00:00

Navigate to the account login page and click on “Forgot your password?”. You’ll then be brought to the password reset page. From here you need to fill in the email address associated with your account as well as the security code which will be displayed. A password reset email will then be sent to you and with just a few clicks you’ll be on your way to setting up a new password.

How do I convert a lead to an opportunity?2022-04-25T03:42:49+00:00

The fastest way to do this is to navigate to Leads and select one that you would like to convert. From here all you have to do is click the convert symbol and your lead changes to an opportunity.

In order to save time, we’ve made it easy to convert more than one lead at the same time. To do this all you need to do is click the records you want to convert and then click the convert symbol.

How secure will my data be?2022-04-25T03:42:49+00:00

Data security is our top priority. That’s why our cloud based storage services are based on the latest S3 Amazon technology. This is a secure state of the art solution with many beneficial features.

    • Our cloud based storage has automated tools that monitor service performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Our servers have smoke and flood detection, as well as fire suppression systems.
    • The encryption we provide is state of the art. We do this to make sure that your data is protected and private.
    • The cloud based storage we provide is accessible from any internet connection. This way you can always safely access your data.
    • In addition to this we aim to provide uptime availability of 99.8% which ensures that your data is available whenever you need it.
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